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Winter attire

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    Winter attire

    Lately I have been getting comments that my 8 mths baby is underdressed when I bring my baby out. Every time.
    It is starting to get to me. I am beginning to think that way too.

    I usually clothed her in long sleeves and pants. If I am carrying her in a carrier, that will be it. If she is not in the carrier, I will add on a jacket or vest.
    Is that insufficient? I know that it is much lesser compared to other babies/kids I saw on the streets.

    My questions are:
    How do you dress your babies, at home and outdoors?
    How do you dress them for naps and bedtime?
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    I usually dress my girl w a thermal top which I got fr m&s then a long slv top. If really get cold, I will add on a wool sweater before putting on a jacket.

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    Newbie_hk is offline Registered User
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    Same dilemma. A well meaning grandmother tapped my helper's shoulder indicating my 6 month old is underdressed indoors.

    Question is: is your baby comfortable? Are his/her feet & hands warm? If your baby is, then then there is no need to cave in to the pressure as you will find that on the flipside, locals do tend to overdress.

    But if you do have to rug up, my rule of thumb with my 4 year old & 6 month old is one additional layer for outdoors. I always peel of their coats, cardigan, sweater indoors. They now wear one long sleeved top & jeans for indoors.

    Remember, it will still get colder so we're slowly layering up for the colder weeks ahead rather than piling up now or our kids will look like the Michelin man by end of December/January.

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    thanka2 is offline Registered User
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    It's pretty typical for local Chinese people to make comments about how "under-dressed" babies are. As long as you're using your best judgement as a parent and your child is not cold (has cold hands/feet/shivering etc.) however you dress your child is fine.

    My son was born in the Northern North America in the middle of the winter. It was cold. Inside was heated but we still took him outside--even as a newborn. When we got back to Hong Kong, the weather here felt very warm even though it was February. We got lots of "dirty looks" and comments from local people (especially the old women in our village) about how cold our baby must be and how under-dressed he was. He NEVER got ill that entire year--not a sniffle...funny thing is he only got ill when we went back to North America at the end of the year for a trip.

    The children's doctor in HK (local HK Chinese, himself) we used to take my son to who is one of the top doctors in HK (serves on many medical boards here) told us flatly, "HK people over-dress their children. If your child is sweaty and you need a towel to soak up the sweat off their back--your child is over-dressed. How you are dressing your baby is just fine."

    It's all about perception and no matter how you try to explain it you'll still get those looks and comments. I just smile and thank them and keep doing what I'm doing. Mother knows best. :)

    How do we dress our children? We dress our children in layers--both for the 4-year-old and the 8-month-old. T-shirt or onesie on the bottom, long-sleeved shirt on top of that with trousers (corduroy for the baby), sweat shirt on top of that and socks--worn inside and outside the home (because I think that warmth starts and ends in the feet and head). Inside our flat it is really cold because of how our flat is built--the plaster just holds the cold and doesn't insulate well at all. But, when we go outside and the sun is shining it's actually warm sometimes (maybe with a cool breeze) so then our children can be "unlayered"--down to a t-shirt or onesie with trousers if needed.

    If the baby is being carried in a carrier (Ergo) then usually the most she has on is a long-sleeved onesie and maybe a vest--otherwise she gets way too sweaty. Nowadays in the mornings I'm sending my son out with a mircofleece jacket, stocking cap and thin gloves but by noon he's just wearing his long-sleeved school uniform dress shirt and the microfleece.

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    Well I'm still taking my 16 month old out in short sleeves so I think you're probably ok ;) She runs warm and since I KNOW that, I dress her appropriately for her, and anyone who says anything just gets ignored ;) Yesterday, I had her in tights for the first time this winter with a short sleeved dress on top, and she was actually a bit too warm!!

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    Actually I'm also quite worried abt my girl being 'under-dressed' cuz this is my first winter here with my 6 mth old... and i'm not sure how shd i dress her if we go out.. whether i shd get her a body suit or 2-piece (so that if she feels warm, i can still remove her jacket).. till now i still have not gotten her winter clothings..

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    i had a kid come to class last week (24C) and the kid had 5, FIVE, layers on! it was ridiculous. the poor kid could barely walk he was so weighed down with clothes!

    the rule of thumb for a baby: what you would wear plus one layer. any more than that is just too much.

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    MommyTo3 is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2008

    I've basically been told same as what carang says.

    In summer, dress the baby like you dress yourself.

    In winter, dress the baby in an additional layer compared to yourself.

    Mind you, my last 2 were born just before the Midwest winter, but still my doctor said I was overdressing them (it's hard when it's -20).

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