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Leander high chair

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    I have two Stokkes for my 16 month old and 3 year old. I think they are brilliant for both of them. Both my kids like them and it is at the regular dining table in "their spot". The 3 year old occasionally will sit on the other chairs, but it is more awkward for her as she doesn't reach the table quite right. She prefers the Stokke. My 16 month old uses the baby seat and harness (although I don't always do the harness up) and it is very secure for her. I like that we all can sit at the table.

    That said, I have used the IKEA chair at restaurants before and I think that it is a pretty great basic high chair - although it is less adjustable than the Stokke (ie, not adjustable at all, right?), and would not last as long. I think that my younger daughter may use the Stokke forever as she has dwarfism and we can set the chair at the correct height for her, with an in built "stool" for her to be able to get on and off easily. That's the main reason why I got two of them.

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    We have three Stokke Tripp Trapps and love them. My 6-year-old and 4-year-old are quite happy to sit on them - they are adjusted every year or so to fit with their growth so they are the right height for the table and the foot rest is in the right place. My 1-year-old still has the baby seat and harness on his, and is soooo happy to be at the table like a 'big boy' with his brothers.

    Personally, I think the Tripp Trapp combines form and function. They look fairly inconspicuous in my dining room amid the dark wood furniture. I think the Ikea high chair is marvellous in restaurants etc where you need something ultra simple to clean, and it's definitely comfortable - but it doesn't suit my home decor!

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    a little bit off topic, but between the leander and the stokke, definitely get the leander. the triptrap is prone to tipping, which the curved base of the leander prevents. we have the leander and it is fine, but i do agree w/ those who say that it's not worth it. the adjustibility is a main selling point, but really, if you're anything like us, you will end up not using it. the same thing goes for the leander cot.

    these are mistakes that first time parents usually make (along w/ the stokke explory stroller in hk - a big no no!). in the end, you will learn that baby goods are quite temporal, you will get probably a year or two use out of it. not worth breaking the bank for such extravagances.

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    I don't know if it is of any use, but we have a similar designed chair that grows with children from Bumps to Babes - was much cheaper than the Leander appears to be - think it was about HK$850 (cheaper than the plastic ones they were selling!) The design is not as beautiful but it's functional and blends in with our furniture, and lets our little one sit up at the table.



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    Our boys were using their Stokke Trip Trapps up until we moved to HK in June, and they are 12 and 9 years old!! Never, ever had a problem with tipping, EVER. Not sure where that comes from.

    Like above, they knew these were their chairs at the table and it was nice. They were very comfortable, and they are big boys!

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    Thanks everyone for your input. We ended up getting the Stokke high chair for these reasons:

    - its legs are not as long as the Leander which takes less space. (no issue with tipping back)
    - we like the look better

    We (my husband and I ) love it. The toddler sits well in the chair and it's a great piece of furniture. Our toddler can now climb up and down by herself and enjoys sitting at the table with us during meal time. And it's so easy to clean!

    I highly recommend it. Having said that, our toddler loves the cheap Ikea chair too ;-)

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