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First Cheese for Baby

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    First Cheese for Baby

    Hi all, any suggestions on whats a good first cheese I can give my 12 month old to try? thanks for your advise in advance!!

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    we started with organic valley which we got from market place or threesixty but seems that they are missing from the shelves these days... anyone where to get them pls share :)

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    My daughter is about 9-months-old and we've given her a few pieces of mild cheddar cheese. In some recipes by Annabel Karmel, for babies, small amounts of cheddar cheese are used. Another option I would go with which is even milder than cheddar is mozarella--you can buy a "block" of it at City Super and then cut it into tiny bite-sized cubes. Just make sure you use pasteurized cheeses and personally, I would avoid the real "moldy" (blue, green etc.) cheeses just because I'm not sure how my daughter might deal with the mold. I prefer organic dairy for my small children--you should be able to find something at City Super or 360, I think and sometimes even Park n' Shop has some organic hard cheeses like cheddar. My daughter loves those little bits of cheese! She hasn't had very much yet, though.

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    I gave my son some organic cheddar cheese (from 360 or Citysuper's) as finger food. He loved it!!!

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