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Macau or HK hotel

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    Macau or HK hotel

    Planning a night away from kids for hubby birthday. Maybe Macau (but not keen on hydrofoil trip and crowded immigration) or even stay somewhere in hk. In hk, looking at Gold Coast hotel, any review? Is it dated and with bad service or is it nice and luxurious and does make you feel you "escaped" from town?
    For macau, any recommendations for a not so big/crowded hotel(eg not Venetian?)
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    howardcoombs is offline Registered User
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    If your budget allows it, nothing beats a weekend stay at the Penn. They have a range of services and packages to choose from for the local weekend visitors. You will find options such as Rolls pickup, champagne on arrival, spa treatments and if you really want to splurge, helicopter delivery.

    It can be expensive if you add on a lot of options but it is affordable for many people if you stick with the basic packages.

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    If you want to go to macau you can try taking the ferry that goes to the Taipa part of is always a bit less crowded there because it is kind of in the middle of now where..having said that though, if youre staying at a hotel in Taipa that is fine, also, they will have the hotel shuttles which are very convenient. We ale
    Ways stay at the hyatt...they have this package deal that includes breakfast and cocktail (basically a light dinner) and it is near the city of water (that show) if you plan on IS really worth it even though it is quite expensive.

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    I second lesliefu if you want to go to Macau. Take the Cotai Jet - the blue ones. And if you go business class / upper deck (something like $250 vs $120 downstairs) then you get off first and can get through immigration really quickly. Then jump on one of the casino buses and get a cab to where-ever you are going from there.

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