Tq all for d inputs & reminders Actually when the temperature started to drop & humidity hadn't some days before the trip, most of our window panes became rather damp to the extent of big droplets of water trickling down them when wiped We tot perhaps 1 electric dehumidifier might not be enuf and considering to add after the trip due to time constraint...So we had ample dehumidifier boxes in place of the electric one in our absence in case the humidity level decides to leap to high levels to which it did before we return and now still(85%)We were glad to make provision for it to happen just in case cos we daren't b too sure for it being our first winter here
We left the fridge on just the way we have always done back home but this time we heeded lesliefu's advice on turning off the main water switch cos we don't ever want a flood!
Happy holidays to all!