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Public or private - starved of options for Dragon year!

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    Public or private - starved of options for Dragon year!

    Hello everyone

    I am new to this blog, new to pregnancy, new to everything!
    Only discovered that I'm pregnant last weekend (I'm currently 6 weeks and EDD looks to be August 2012)! As husband and I have be overseas from Thursday to the new year, we called a few doctors only to be told that no one is available for appointments this week - but to wait til January for the first appointment and a certificate will be too late because all the hospitals would be booked up for Dragon year next year!!

    Does anyone have any advice re getting a good doctor and hospital at this time? I've read some of the threads here and don't really know to go to public at QMH (closest to where we live) or private at St Teresa / Adventist (is private possibly without having to spend 70k??) - that's one issue. The other is availability - apparently QMH may be full already for next year?

    Any advice appreciated
    Thank you!

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    QMH will NOT turn ANYONE away. it is a public hospital and it WILL take, if they are really full, then they may add extra beds into the ward....

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    "is private possibly without having to spend 70k??"

    A colleague who delivered at Baptist last year paid 45-50k for a scheduled c-sec and stay in a 3-person room. The figure quoted to me at Baptist for a delivery in Jan 2012, was 60k but my colleague told me they over-estimate the cost in case the baby needs to go into ICU and that the actual cost should be close to 40k for a natural delivery. Then again, costs can escalate and based on the quoted figure of 60k, I would set an upper limit of higher just in case. I have booked Baptist but still undecided as my baby may arrive during the Chinese New Year Holiday and the doctor's fee increases substantially. Please be aware that there were some incidents reported in the press about Baptist; if I had to do it over, I'd probably have gone with Union in Sha Tin. I also had a place at Adventist but let it go as I couldn't decide on the 20k deposit then - one thing to keep in mind is that when you turn up if they are stuck for availability, you'll get bumped up to a private room and all the charges increase exponentially. I'm not sure if you get the deposit back, if you decline the private room; my understanding was not.

    QMH is probably the best public hospital to deliver in and as Cara said, they cannot turn you away.

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