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Understand. I am not even sure about our current insurance, this was a company policy before. We don't have maternal cover either, but I have 1 more than planned anyway ;), so no more. Please note that abdominal separation / hernia isn't necessarily related to pregnancy. Men can have it too. It can be life threatening as well if not treated and the condition continues to worsen. There is no way to prove it's related to pregnancy, in my case, highly likely, but no guarantee for sure.
Yes, but you know how insurance companies are...well, you've had two children, it's probably a "pre-existing" condition. But, I don't really have a heria--I just have paunchy looking belly after two kids because my abs just aren't as tight as they were and no amount of stomach exercise can really cure that. But, yeah...too bad insurance doesn't cover it for me. So, it actually isn't completely medical with me although a tighter tummy would support my back better. I do have back problems. Anyway, glad you got what you were looking for--maybe someday for me too :)