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  • 1 Post By erina320

3 year old not pedaling bike

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    3 year old not pedaling bike

    Hello Ladies,

    Can you remember at what age your children started pedaling their bikes? My 3 year old pushes with his feet and doesn't like/want to pedal. One Chinese father I met on the playground said that his son didn't pedal until after 4 years old. Where we live, I seem to see much younger kids able to pedal though. I am just wondering what might be the range of ages out there when toddlers are able to pedal.

    Thank you!

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    My 3.5 year old just started peddling in the last few months. They all reach milestones in their own time. I think if you make a big deal about it you may make him more self-conscious/ embarrassed about it and perhaps more reluctant to try.
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    My almost three years old can paddle his tricycle a few months ago. But he usually doesn't want to and just want to be pushed. He would paddle a little bit on smooth and flat surface where it ia easy.
    I've seen younger kids paddle on their own. It really depends on your kid. Mine is not athletic and is a bit "lazy" :)
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    It also depends on the bike. My 3-yr-old could pedal a tricycle no problem, so we bought him a bike and he struggled to pedal that until he was 4 years old. It's a different motion - pushing downwards with the feet (as the pedals on a bike are directly below the seat) rather than forwards (as the seat on a trike is set back from the pedals).

    I really wouldn't worry about it.

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    It's good to read about this. I was wondering about the same thing in my mind.

    My 28 month old doesn't like tri or bike at all. He tried to peddle the tri but refuse to get on any bike. Our neighbour's boy was peddling when he was around two.

    It's indeed each child develop differently.

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    I think balance bikes are very popular these days No pedalling involved until they're very confident with the balance.

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    I think it depends on many things - the bike itself (some are easier or harder for them), how much "practice" they get, and how much interest they have in it. My daughter is 3 and is not fantastic at pedalling. Her bike is "harder" than some of her friends' bikes that she has tried, so that is part of it, I think. Also, we take the bike to the park and the second she sees the play equipment, she wants to play instead rather than ride the bike - so I don't think she is THAT interested in it. I don't think it's a big deal though, kids develop at their own rates and at 3, they don't "need" that skill, really...

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    to be honest, we've never even put our 4 year old on a bike yet!

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