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Night sleep

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    Gracey is offline Registered User
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    Before our baby was born, we bought 2 baby beds.
    * A small cotton-sided bassinet for our room -- so she's close to mom at night.
    * A larger crib that can convert into a small bed, which is good for up to 3 years. We put this in the nursery.
    During the day, she uses the larger crib in the nursery for naps and playing. This is our way of getting her used to it, so that when she eventually transfers to her own room, it won't be a strange place.
    But we're planning on keeping her in our room for 6 months. (She's 5 months now).

    For a while I was using bottles at night, but I found it too much of a bother. When it's 3 am and the baby is screaming and nobody's there to help you, it's a hassle to have to assemble the bottle / nipple, boil water to warm it, etc. I just found breastfeeding easier.

    I have nothing against co-sleeping. But note that if you start, your baby will probably not give it up easily for a long time.

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    I've co-slept with my daughter since she was born. I put her next to me in the hospital bed because a tailbone injury made it difficult for me to get out of bed and lift her all the time.

    Co-sleeping has helped enormously in not feeing tired or fatigued. In the first couple of weeks, I was always nervous I might roll over her, and woke up every couple of hours to check. I did roll on her arm once-- she screamed, and I stopped worrying because I knew she'd let me know if she wasn't comfortable.

    When you have to get up and position to breastfeed, sleep is more interrupted, and it is easier to feel tired during the day. This was my experience in the first month or so, when baby was too small for me to comfortably put in side-lying nursing position, and I would sit up with her to breastfeed. Once she was able to nurse lying down and we didn't have to move to nurse, I feel great despite having to nurse every 2-3 hours.

    I have no experience with other ways of sleeping, but I can't fathom putting my daughter in another room, even though I was warned that it would be difficult to have baby sleep somewhere else later if we co-sleep. My husband and I mutually agreed to do this since she was born, and it works for us. She's 7 months now and I'm not in a hurry for her to move, I really enjoy our time together.

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    It's funny, we tried co-sleeping with my first daughter when she was born and found that we got no sleep - if she made any noise, I'd be awake instantly. Even though I was breastfeeding, she HAD to be in her own room for me to get any decent sleep. I'd go get her, feed her in 5 minutes and put her back into her room, then I'd fall back asleep instantly. If she was in our room, even the littlest gurgle would keep me up.

    With our 2nd, she was in NICU for 4 months, then when she came home, I was worried about her disturbing my older daughter, so she slept in our room in a moses basket for a few months. I kept her in that until she started rolling over (she rolled late - maybe around 7 months old or so??) then for safety reasons, I put her into the cot in her older sister's room. The 2nd time around, I didn't wake as much as the first time - but she wasn't in the same bed as us.

    If we have a 3rd, I'd probably prefer the moses basket at first for those first few months - they are close enough that you don't have to go into another room, but not so close that they wake you with every noise or movement.

    Different people like different things - up to you what suits you and your family :)

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    Just to clarify and add to what Genkimom said about SIDS. I think you are mixing up suffocation of the baby with SIDS. There are no known cases of suffocation when a fully breastfeeding, sober (no drugs or alcohol), non smoking mother is co sleeping on a firm surface (ie proper mattress, not a water bed or sofa/chair)- so if all those factors apply to you, you don't need to worry about suffocation. Some of these things are obvious eg being sober, but others like the breastfeeding and not smoking they don't really know why these are protectors for suffocation but they are. For example, if you were to give bottles overnight, even if they are expressed milk - which is not a good idea if you plan to breastfeed as Genkimom said - then there is some small risk of suffocation in co sleeping (albeit v v small).

    Sudden infant deatth syndrome is a different thing altogther (where the baby dies suddenly for no known reason) and SIDS research recommends the baby being in the same room as the mother (can be in the same bed or in a separate bassinet/cot) for the 1st 6 months to minimise the risk of SIDS.

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    supermom30 is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2011

    Thanks all for contributing to such practical replies.. makes life simpler. getting a moses till 4 mtnhs and plan to buy a leander depending on baby's moods..

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