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Leander-baby cot

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    Dec 2011

    Leander-baby cot

    I am in love with the Leander baby cot and was wondering if 12K HKD is worth the investment.. Is anyone planning to sell it second hand.. Do u think shipping from US/UK would be a cheaper option?

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    Obiwan is offline Registered User
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    :) I will think not. Your baby won't be sleeping in it for that many years, and the money can be better spent on other things.

    It's easy to go overboard baby shopping for the first (I assume this is your first) :)

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    Depends - if you think that you will use it through the toddler bed size and really like the look then only you can decide if it is worth the price tag. We have a Stokke cot, which similarly expands as the child grows and expect to use it until the kid is 4 or so. The Stokke was similarly expensive, but we could afford it and liked how it looked, so we went with it. But in terms of functionality, it really isn't much different than much less expensive baby cots that are available - so it really is all down to personal preference and how much you are willing to spend for looks. A couple things to note, the Leander, like the Stokke, has a mattress that isn't a standard size, so you pretty much have to buy their accessories (matteress cover, sheets, etc.) which are way more expensive than regular baby sheets and only come in a few colors. Also, the Leander is quite large compared to many other baby cots in HK, so make sure you're willing to use the space in your child's room for the cot and not additional play space or whatever.

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    as mentioned above, its really a personal choice for when it comes to preparing for the babys arrival, some would prefer to spend the cash in the hospital, some on decorating the nursery, some saving it for education.

    we wanted a sturdy crib as well as nice looking one, and were choosing between the leander and the stokke. we have tried many other brands also and found this two to be a good combination of what we want. Hubby liked leander better while I preferred stokke, and what do we have at home now? the stokke, and we are very happy with our choice. we were thinking this could be a 4-5 year investment for our son, and as he woudl spend majority of his life sleeping in the crib during this time so the decision was easy for us. hubby was even using the comparison of us paying even more for our own mattress and we spend less time sleeping anyways so its all depend on how you see it.

    we have it in the bassinet setup in the first few months which you can wheel in and out of the room if needed, and changed into the crib size when the bassinet was too small for him. baby has been using it since first day he goes home, sleeping in his own room. regarding the sheets which elle mentioned above, we got two sets of original sheets for the bassinet and only one set for the crib, as we found the fitted flannel sheets which my mil brought from Canada actually fit quite well for the crib size we also bought nice cotton fabric with different pattern from sheung wan for got our friend who is good with the sewing machine to make us a few extra.

    a bit off topic here back to the leander though without direct experience, our good friend ended up with the leander, they are happy with the crib and their only comment was they wish the leander has the multiple height adjustment like the stokke. apparently it only has 2 height setting (versus 4 with stokke), they found that its quite back breaking once the baby is no longer able to use the higher setting, whereas we are happily adjusting our crib as our baby grows. it is also bulkier in size and more complicated to assemble in comparison to the stokke.

    have fun shopping!

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