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What I love about breastfeeding

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    we have a photo book by LLL. It has beautiful photos of mothers breastfeeding their babies. One day, at about 8 months old, our daughter pulled it off the shelf, flipped it and gasped! she actually smacked her lips, tried to suckle these pictures that have breasts in close up shots, some leaking with milk. she still does that and giggles. i find that most surprising and funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evgreen View Post
    Seriously?? My little girl poops like every 2-4 days and I'm jumping for joy every time she does cause I still get paranoid about feeding her enough. Haha kind of something silly to get excited about.
    My second only pooped every 2-3 days as well, but my first could go up to 12 days without a poop!! I took her to the doctor over it so many times and turned out she just has a slow little system. When she did poop it was such a HUGE relief for me and perfectly normal and healthy... Poop for her. ;-)

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