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ICMS vs ESF Hillside Kindie, which one to choose?

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    ICMS vs ESF Hillside Kindie, which one to choose?

    Which one would you choose between Island Children's Montesorri School (Tin Hau) vs ESF Hillside?

    Current ICMS student, which primiary school would you apply?

    Personally, I like ICMS over ESF, but when it comes to Primiary school, ESF has a priority to get in their primary school, as for ICMS, we have to start looking again....

    Thanks for sharing!

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    If your goal is ESF Primary, then you should transfer in order to get a priority. Otherwise chances to get in would be slim. I still know plenty of native speakers on waitinglists, for over a year now. However, if you're very keen on Montessori you have to ask yourself whether IB is the way to go. Although IB relies a lot on independency, and there would be other similarities, it's quite structured. I have been through Montessori secondary, my husband through primary and it's quite different.

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    Going to an ESF Kindergarten gives you priority for a primary school interview, not a primary school place. It's a small distinction, in some ways, but one worth considering. Ask ESF Hillside what % of their students gained access to an ESF primary school last year.......

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    We're at ICMS and are quite happy - although in some ways, I wish we'd chosen ESF just so that getting into primary would be easier.

    Here's my pros for each place:

    ICMS - smaller class size, teachers work virtually one on one with students for a significant amount of time, location is better for me, I think just for kindy, I like the school better. My daughter is really thriving there.
    ESF - priority to get into ESF primary is the biggest factor. Also I think it's a bit cheaper. I think probably the teachers are paid more and may be more highly qualified but not 100% sure on this one. One issue with ICMS is that they do have a significant amount of staff turnover.

    That said, I've been very happy with ICMS and am hoping that as my husband is ESF alumni, that priority is high enough to get us into primary (it should - it means that we have priority over people with NO connection to ESF... but it is the lowest form of priority, below siblings, ESF kindy students, and children of staff). If I didn't have that though, I would probably be regretting not sending her to ESF, purely due to the primary situation - we do hope to go to Quarry Bay primary, most probably - but will probably be applying to at least one other school just in case we don't get in.

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    Hello Nicolejoy,

    Was just checking how this ended up going? Did you manage to get your Child into ESF for primary? Was your Husband being an Almuni an advantage?

    I am also ESF Almuni so just wondering if its going to help.
    I heard from a couple of people that these days, the number of applicants is so large that even this Criteria is not necessarily enough.

    Would also be great to know if you guys are happy with QBS?


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    Replying for Nicole as I know she's busy with her new baby. Think her older one did get into ESF but they felt that International Christian Academy was a better fit.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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