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Long Flights while pregnant

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    Long Flights while pregnant

    Hi everyone,

    I'm pregnant with my second child (first in HK) and have found out that my brother will be getting married in NY when I am about 6 months along. Of course I don't want to miss my brothers wedding but I am terrified of flying while pregnant. My Dr. says not to worry but I can't help it. Has anyone done a flight this long (16 hours) at 6 months along? Thanks!

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    If your pregnancy is a normal one with no complications, flying is not dangerous at all whether it is a short or a long flight. I did a US work trip while I was 4 months along and other than fatigue I had no issues. In fact, throughout my pregnancy I traveled for work with no issues.

    I am currently pregnant with second child and just returned from a very hectic trip with 45 min stopover in Bangkok which meant rushing from one zone to another to catch connecting flight but my health is just fine. And when I will be 6 months along, I am planning to go to Shanghai with my first born in tow.

    In my line of work, pregnant women who have smooth, easy pregnancies fly all the time for business up until the airlines allow it.

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    yes, i flew CX from singapore (so an additional 4 hours to JKF when i was 6 months pregnant over a year ago for the exact same reason. my bother got married in july 2010. there's nothing to worry about, just be prepared.
    additionally, i had my then 3 year old with me and no hubby. SO here's my advice if you are flying coach, which we did:

    1) ask for meet and assist. someone from cathay, will meet and help you at check-in right through to boarding early.
    2) get 3 seats in coach (if you can) for 2 of you or 2 seats for yourself. we had a whole row to ourselves so my little one could lie down to sleep and the extra room while i felt huge was huge.
    3) bring snacks for yourself
    4) i went pee about every 45 minutes
    5) make sure your doctor's note is dated as close to your departure date as possible. when you in the US, can you get checked out by an OB? I got another note from my American OB when it was time to fly home.
    6) wear flight stockings and comfy clothing
    7) no x-ray machines for you!
    8) no caffeine before flight

    hope this helps!

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    I assume that you will be 24 weeks pregnant and will have had no history of premature labour or pregnancy complications, in either pregnancy.

    The risks of flying during pregnancy have been well evaluated in the literature. Consquently airlines, in line with the research, do not restrict pregnant flyers until the pregnancy is approximately 28 weeks gestation and often much later. You will need to carry an obstetric letter confirming your gestation and that you are fit to fly.

    If you fly to the US, you should consider the risk or likelihood of developing a pregnancy related disorder whilst you are visiting the US, which would prevent or delay your return to Hong Kong.
    If you were forbidden/ advised, not to make the return trip, you have to ensure that your medical insurance covers you for worldwide healthcare including the US. If you purchase holiday insurance, determining whether the insurance covers pregnancy travel to the US, is significant. After a certain gestation, pregnancy is often an exclusion.
    If you are not a US citizen, the potential costs for delivery of a baby in the US could be up to $10,000 USD. If your baby needed special care baby unit admission, that could be $1,000 USD per day. If you were significantly ill, the costs could be seriously elevated.
    I have lived all over the world, amongst expat Mom's travelling by air during pregnancy, it is a usual part of their lives. Sometimes, there are women who fly on holiday and go into premature labour. Considering all the possibilitie, like you are doing, allows you to make an appropriate decision suitable for your needs.
    Best wishes.

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    I had to travel a lot for work during my first pregnancy. You should be fine as long as you have your doctors clearance to fly. There are a few things that I did to make my trips safer & more comfortable:

    1) got an aisle seat since I needed to go to the toilet regularly
    2) don't be shy to ask assistance for overhead luggage. I once was on a plane with the NZ rugby team & they were very helpful :-)
    3) brought my antenatal records with me. This proved to be helpful as I was hospitalised while on holiday & 3 months pregnant. Nurses referred to the notes in my records & it was very handy.
    4) A friend gave me this 1 hour pregnancy meditation CD & it was great for relaxing in the airport or just blocking out a pesky passenger seated next to you.
    5) good advice from southside852 about bringing snacks! Yes, I always had a few fruit & nut bars with me

    Good luck on your flight & don't forget to grab a trashy novel too

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