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moving to hong kong - need cost of living information

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    I'm in no way trying to diminish the statistics as they are very accurate. In my time in Hong Kong, I've been involved in 3 taxi accidents as well as a passenger as I dont have a car.

    There is one major difference between here and most other big cities when it comes to accidents though; when accidents do happen here, with their frequency, chances are they are at much lower speeds when compared to other major cities. This is due to smaller distances as well as narrower roads with a lot more traffic. Therefore you will find that the fatalities and injuries to be in line with lower speeds when compared to other major cities.

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    Yes, I agree with you Howard. We are lucky that most of our driving in Hong Kong is at relatively low speeds, so the opportunities for 'real' disasters is minimised dramatically.
    What scares me the most, is that the taxis crumple to nothing. It's like they are a tin can, and the taxi drivers use excess speed without the skills or 'alertness' to cope with the dangers that the create.
    One of the 'many' incidents I witnessed recently, was at IFC Airport Express. The taxi was trying to jump a red light, but the Mercedes in front, suddenly changed his mind and stopped. The taxi was a complete 'right off' and the Mercedes had a scratch on his rear bumper. The passengers (Western) were stunned and in shock, and didn't get out of the taxi. I went over after a short time and got them out. There was a female toddler and a boy in the car with their parents. The toddler on her parents' knee screaming, with parents unable to react to any potential danger. It was as if the parents had no consciousness of the situation. I found it really upsetting as it took me back to when I sat in a car after a crash, and had no concept of what to do.
    Last week, whilst driving, my light was green at a junction, a taxi completely ignored his red light and went through it at speed. It was a close, lucky escape. Taxi drivers appear to presume that other drivers will avoid them.
    Every day that I leave my home, I see incidents involving taxis. I have even got in taxis where the person driving isn't the person in the ID card. It's like they have no cognitive concept of consequences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommieMid View Post
    That's 10 taxi accidents per day and more than one serious injury a day.
    With an involvement rate of 223.6 per 1000 registered vehicles (taxis), versus 15.5 per 1000 registered private cars.

    Interesting, but really scary to me!
    I suspect the taxi's are on the road more than 10x as much as the average private car. Taxi's are shared between drivers in different shifts and can be on the road the majority of the day.
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    MommieMid is offline Registered User
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    New Dad,
    Evaluating the government statistics, show calculations include the accident rate according to mileage for each mode of transport.

    An accident involvement rate of 1.34 per million vehicle kilometers for private car vs. 1.84 per million vehicle kilometers for taxis (3.15 per million vehicle km for minibuses). 402,490 cars vs 18,129 taxis licensed in 2010.
    Taxi drivers are supposed to be licensed professional drivers. I would hope that the adjusted statistics demonstrate safety of mode of transport and skill of operator, which they do not.
    Much like inexperienced pilots operating a commercial aircraft vs trained experienced pilots. They are expected to be safer drivers.

    Your life, your choice!

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