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Anyone living in Park Island now who can share some feedback?

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    Anyone living in Park Island now who can share some feedback?

    Hi there, we are apartment hunting now and are considering a few properties including Park Island. Id like to hear some pros and cons of living there especially mums with kids. Any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks! :)

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    Hi there, we were planning to have a baby, which greatly influenced our decision to move to PI about 1.5 yr ago. No regrets since! We love it.

    Some pros:

    1) cleaner air, lots of space for them to run around (despite the fact that there are some 30+ blocks of apartments here, it never feels crowded), landscaped gardens, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, 3 clubhouses with indoor/outdoor pools, various sports programs/activities to occupy kids at clubhouses (not sure about language used though).

    2) at the village side, there are all sorts of things that your kid can learn if they wish to, from montessori playgroups, to musical instruments, art and drawing classes..

    3) no cars within estate, only occasional moving trucks/vans that move around real slowly, so I've seen kids (maybe 6-8 yrs) riding bicycles/ playing by themselves unsupervised

    4) it's a walk to a very nice beach! or to a nice park (FOC)

    5) stroller friendly buses, ferry, ramps and lifts to get around

    6) the average age on PI is 33 yrs old (saw it on some website before), which means that there are lots of families with kids around! people generally love seeing kids around and often offer their help with doors, strollers etc.

    Some Cons:

    1) location may not be ideal to where your kid's school is (or going to be), hence transport may work out to be considerably more.

    2) some expats may feel like PI is a less expat-friendly, 'hip & happening' place compared to DBay, which offers a similar lifestyle, but this has been 'improving' gradually (e.g. Pacific Coffee is open now) and definitely been seeing more expats around these days. The only supermarket (Parknshop) here is not ideal for fresh food, but you can always get better variety at Taste supermarkets (buses go there) or at City Super (ferry goes to Central). But then, this particular con probably doesn't matter from a kid's perspective.

    Gd luck with the search for your apartment!


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