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Helper's leave

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    We have agreed on that leave under different circumstances - first, she was going to stay with us for at least one contract term - 2 years. Now that she knows that I'm pregnant and i told her that when baby is born, i will need real full time help, she seems unwilling to continue, as she won't be able to enjoy the same benefits she has now.

    And believe me, she can't complain about her work conditions with us.

    Since she started last June she's been paid full time salary and extra expenses like transportation and food allowances (it was extra money as she is allowed to eat whatever she likes from our food). Most of the weeks she has 3 days off, and she rarely works full hours on the other days. And of course all the state holidays are her days off too. She doesn't cook, she didn't do the shopping until January (now I'm pregnant with complications and can't go shopping myself). She asked for extra bonuses and got significant sums on Xmas, NY and Chinese NY. When she said she felt unwell I never asked her to work, she could spend a week off with a cold.

    I'm not angry with her now, no, she's been quite good with us and I appreciate it. But I don't feel like granting her any extras any more. She's been with us for only 9 months so far, I think it would be fair if she finishes her work and goes back home after that, one month later than she planned her vacation. Of course she'll get all the payment she's due, incl both tickets compensation.

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    if that's the case, then you need to talk to her about it. (sorry for mis-reading your previous post).

    just explain that because you now need to find and train someone before she leaves permanently, then you really need her with you until she finishes. perhaps she could finish 2 weeks earlier than planned instead?

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