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Is it true? I should avoid cold drinks during pregnancy?

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    charade is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2010

    I must add that one of the rules my obgyn gave was to ensure that food I ate was cooked through properly and to avoid raw food like fruits and veggie unless I was sure that they were fresh and had been cleaned properly. Since he only gave me three or four restrictions, I took it seriously. Well,for my first pregnancy at least... the second one I was more lax but I was aware i was taking a risk.

    Listeria, which is the concern with raw food, is more serious than regular food poisoning I think and a pregnant woman's immunity is suppressed already hence the need for extra caution.

    There are a lot of things that are done culturally that scientific evidence might later prove risky or not risky and therefore people might stop doing them. In countries where eating a certain food is traditional, they might take longer to stop or maybe the risk is lower in those countries.

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    project pea is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2012
    Hong kong

    I'm a BBC and have just moved to HK and am hearing loads of eating and pregnancy advice from MIL, relatives and work colleagues over here! No cold drinks, no bananas, no papaya, no pineapple, no witnessing of any decorating, screwing, hammering, I can't even watch a program about surgical doctors operating!

    I went to buy a pair of maternity pants and after trying on several in the fitting rooms I was happy with one and asked if I could just keep them on while the sales lady could just cut the label and my husband would go and pay for it, she kept insisting that I had to take my pants off for her to cut the label and refused to just take some scissors and quickly snip the tag!

    I went out to a restaurant with my MIL and attempted to order some lamp chops only to be told 'No!'... Ok... But why? It doesn't matter it's simply a big nono... Ok so after we got home I tried to ask her politely, maybe there was a medical reason for it or maybe something in the red meat? She wouldn't tell me. I later found out from a friend that the Chinese word for lamb/sheep sounds the same as one of the Chinese characters for 'epilepsy'....

    So despite all the old wives tales and people saying 'if you believe the it'll happen, if you don't then it won't'

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    Hong Kong

    Yes, you should avoid drink or eat cold stuff, until two weeks before the due date for easy delivery!

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    I find Hong Kong ppl in general are funny about cold drinks. Not just during pregnancy, but even now, i get dirty looks from MIL if I'm seen giving my preschooler a cold drink, esp if he happens to have the sniffles!

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