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Home test says postive; not sure what to do next

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    Also, booking early in a private hospital does not guarantee that you will not be unnecessarily separated from your baby at birth. And in my experience, this is much more likely to happen in the private hospitals than the public (in the public it only usually happens for health reasons, if the baby needs to be in special care or something like that). Like HC said, it is a completely different issue than mothers supposedly having to give birth in the maternity ward. From your response, I take it that you have heard a rumour and are perpetuating it, even though you personally don't know anyone who has had to deliver in the maternity ward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howardcoombs View Post
    Ofcourse this happens and it happens regularly in both private and public systems. It has happened for the past 2 decades I've been in Hong Kong. This can happen if there are a few extra emergencies on a particular day and has nothing to do with pressures on the system.
    However, and lets not change the subject, thats not what you said previously:

    Those 2 statements are wildly different from each other.

    No matter, its perfectly clear what your advice is : Rush quickly to your doctor. Bed spaces are at a premium and you will miss out. Matilda is the best. Quickly book an OB appointment before 5 weeks. It sucks. Yes.

    My advice is : Relax, dont panic, find a decent doctor and follow good advice which the doctor will give you. Your doctor will also be able to advise you on the various hospitals and options.

    Readers are free to choose and make their own minds up from here.
    Actually in the SCMP last week, one of the hospital directors was quoted as saying that his hospital (cant remember which) are expecting this year to have deliver OUT of the maternity/delivery areas because of the expected load. Sorry, i am not making it up!!
    Your advice is, don't worry, take your time, minimise your chances of delivering where you want, then panic. My advice is, don't panic, get organised early and see a doctor at 5 weeks to confirm pregnancy and secure a hospital booking..rather than spending up to 38 weeks to find out where you are going to deliver. Your option sounds MUCH more stressful to me! As for me, i AM having a baby this year. I did get knocked back from a hospital despite applying before 6 weeks. I secured a booking at another hosptial very early on and got it sorted. Im totally relaxed now (-:
    Pity the poor woman who delays, and ends up stressing for the entire pregnancy not knowing if she is going to have any control over where she delivers. I know which advice i'd be taking!!!

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