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Wisely or Canaan Nursery?

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    Wisely or Canaan Nursery?

    I am considering Wisely or Canaan nursery on Caine Rd for my son when he turns 2 because of their emphasis on Cantonese instruction. Any parents with experience at either of these schools and can share their thoughts?

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    Feb 2012

    my son is in Wisely's N1 afternoon class as well. I also applied to Cannan and had to choose between the two. I liked both but decided on Wisely because they accepted us first - sounds like a funny reason, but it just made things a little easier at the time. But then I also like Wisely better because the class rooms were bigger and brighter - another funny reason. But the teachers at both schools were very nice and I didn't mind either one.

    We speak Mandarin and English at home, so I was worried about how my boy was going to adjust when he started nursery at 2. It turned out that he adjusted very well. He comes home singing songs he learned in school, and he seems really happy going and coming back from school. I ask him how is school, and he tells me he has many many friends :) . From what the teacher tells me, he can understand a lot in Cantonese, although he still responds in English.

    The monthly fee is about $2000 plus. The teacher calls me from time to time to discuss issues or what happens in school, so overall, we're really happy with Wisely and decided to keep him in the school for K1 as well!

    you can pm me if you have any questions!!

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