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RANT: Finding things!

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    RANT: Finding things!

    I know this is a rant, but...

    Why is it so incredibly difficult to find things in Hong Kong!?

    Everything, I mean EVERYTHING is made in China, yet you can't find it to buy it when you live in China! The simplest things (like kids paints, construction paper, yarn or birthday party supplies) are so impossible to find and nothing (at least a very limited selection) is available online...

    And why can't you find decent, mid-grade quality products? Everything is either a cheap piece of c$&p or an over-priced piece of c$&p!

    Ok... Done ranting.

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    Hmmmm. Where are you looking? I've been able to find kids paints, construction paper, yarn and birth party supplies in HK--usually at a local stationary store or even Park n' Shop or Wellcome sometimes has a pretty decent selection of party supplies. Then there is CitiStore or Toys R Us for the gifts. Oh, and if you want yarn of any color and kind, there are some hard-core knitters in HK (have you ever noticed them on the MTR?) and where they usually get their supplies is at those little local malls or even in one part of most wet markets (that's where my mom bought her yarn for knitting when she lived here in HK with us--always went to the same little old lady in the wet market--got a good price too!) If I'm seriously going to do a specific craft with a little bit of looking and the help of Google Translate Sham Shui Po usually turns up what I need.

    I think that's one of the reasons why this website exists--to help us locate what we need. Yeah, it's certainly not as convenient as my home place where I can get in my car and drive over to one store and buy everything I need in one go. I do hear you on that one. But, by this point, I've become very adept at locating what I need or making a compromise. And if I don't know where it's at, I always know where to ask. ;) I guess that goes along with living in a foreign place--always give yourself more time than you think you'll need to accomplish the task, be willing to compromise or get creative and remain flexible.

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    I understand your frustration but as Thanka says, one of the best bits about this forum is that at least one person on here can point you in the right direction to get what you need.
    Sure not everything is in one, or even the most obvious place but there has never been anything that I can't get here, it may not be exact but a close substitute. You will struggle with country specific brands, but there is always something close, best bet is to ask.
    Paints, construction paper are all available at the usual Bumps2Babes etc but I have found great selections on Meyers (a stationery shop in some local shopping centres) there is even a massive choice at our local shopping centre in the $7.80 shop.
    There are loads of places that do party supplies, even the larger ToysRUs have a good selection.
    I know this is focusing in on the specifics you have raised and these are probably just examples of some of your frustrations but the point is you will be able to get pretty much everything you need, it just might be a bit more inconvenient than what you're used to, but you'll find things much easier if you ask!

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