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Disappointment toward dr joe chan

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    janiceheng is offline Registered User
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    Disappointment toward dr joe chan

    Quite disappointed with him. I had second miscarriage and wish to have a total check up. I have been visiting him since every time I was pregnant. So, I thought he would be the doctor I should go to in order to have the checkup for the reason of miscarriages. However, I scheduled a date with him on the day I was diagnosed with the miscarriage for the checkup and had my husband to come along as he needed to be check for the chromosome as well. Dissapointedly, when we arrived, he wasn't ready, the lab was closed and some of the tests have to check instantly. We can't do it. We were asked to come in on another day. Considerably, my husband is busy, it is very hard for him to travel all the way from Guangzhou to hong kong.I feel very disappointed plus already feel helpless for having multiple miscarriages. Furthermore, I have double reminded the nurse to inform the doctor to notify the doctor about the purpose for my visit and I also have sent him an email as a confirmation. Not only the visit ended no outcome with but also I had to paid 800 for the consultation fee for nothing. Overall, I was dissapointed. Friend of my who used to have fertility issue in the past reccomended me dr Philip Ho. I think I will need to go to him.

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    Miscarriage is not a fertility issue, for one thing. You are clearly able to conceive.
    I have a very good friend who was in your situation, and saw Dr Ho. His attitude was that until she had a third miscarriage, there was no point in testing for anything unusual - which I think is disgraceful.
    If you want someone who can get to the bottom of the problem of not being able to carry a pregnancy to term, I would suggest you go to Lucy Lord - she has a real interest in this area, and helped me through two very high risk pregnancies.

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    visitingthemoon is offline Registered User
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    I have had quite the opposite experience. I found Dr. Chan to be very knowledgeable, courteous, and comprehensive. I gave birth to my son, via C Section, back in November, and he was perfectly healthy. All of my postnatal checks up and appointments were pleasant and he really took the time to answer all my questions. Most of all, I thought he was very caring and reassuring throughout the whole process.
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    Frenchy is offline Registered User
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    Unfortunately, you are not considered as having multiple miscarriages until you had 3. I didn't meet your doctor but also wasn't an "interesting" case before I got pregnant for the 4th time.
    BUT, if you feel you don't really trust him anymore, I encourage you to find another doctor, as it is 50% of the process to feel listened to, and to be able to count on someone.

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    LOJITT is offline Registered User
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    To be fair to the Ob/Gyns, most obstetricians don't consider that there's necessarily a problem needing investigation unless you have had 3 consecutive miscarriages. Chances are you've just been unlucky. Miscarriage is incredibly common (33%) and many women have at least one during their childbearing years and go on to carry babies to term before and after. On that basis, two miscarriages isnt that unusual, and they'd be freaking people out unnecessarily if they were going around telling everyone they needed a battery of tests.

    Re Joe Chan, sounds like classic case of miscommunication at their end, but if you've lost confidence, agree with Frenchy that you should maybe see someone else.

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