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Eugene club HK

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    Eugene club HK

    Hi guys!
    What is your opinion regarding Eugene club service? I just joined their membership program a month back and went to their shop last week to get a nursing tank top. I picked a black one and found another blue one for half it's price and wanted to know the price difference between the two they said one was double the price of the other as the black one was slightly longer than the other. So I left it and checked their central shop and was happy I found the black shorter one which was half the price. But guess what here they said the black one longer or shorter is still the more expensive double price. I told them what the people in causeway bay told me and then they got confused. I have checked the price online on a uk website and the price of the longer one is more because of the fabric quality. The shop in central did not even have a price tag on the top so conveniently they just make their conclusions! In the end I got so frustrated and just bought the longer more expensive one as they said the shorter one is also the same price! They are not helpful at all and don't have any knowledge of their products. Does anyone know where I can make an official complaint?? Their website is in Chinese and that is not helpful! Kindly share your experience!

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    Don't sweat the small stuff! ;-)

    I know it's frustrating, but seriously, it's just a shop assistant (or two) making a mistake (and probably getting confused about having to speak in English - not a strong point at Eugene). Take a deep cleansing breath or two and shake off the negative energy. Not worth the hassle of a complaint, in my opinion.

    Sorry if that's not what you want to hear.

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    So true Honkyblues :) At Eugene (and many other more local stores) it's usually a language barrier. I have found the staff quite freindly and informative if I am willing to speak in small words / phrases; and wait for their answer without getting frustrated. It's a competitively priced store, expat oriented service is not their selling point. They usually get flustered if confronted.

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