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Any recommendation on gynae who is good in treating chronic vaginal infection?

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    Hung Hom Bay

    Any recommendation on gynae who is good in treating chronic vaginal infection?

    My vaginal infection keeps coming back to haunt me. Any good gynae to recommend? Thanks!

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    charade is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2010

    I also had/have recurrent vaginal bacterial infections... I think once they appear, they're really hard to get rid off. I took so many courses of antibiotics. During my first pregnancy, I was miserable because I had bad nausea and the antibiotics made it worse. For my second pregnancy, I got Group B strep, which is more dangerous. I found a gynac who supported my decision to take no antibiotics except during labour whee it would be administered intravenously. I also told the public hospital docs where i had some check-ups that I refused to take antibiotics as the infection just kept coming back. They agreed and that's what I did and I was fine.

    Bacterial infections are the worst... yeast infections are easier to treat, even if natural remedies. One of my friends who used to get recurrent yeast infections found out she was allergic to some foods and when she avoided those the infections stayed away.

    Anyway, not sure if I was any help because I dont know any gynac that goes beyond the antibiotics routine. I plan to look into some alternative treatments now that I'm no longer pregnant. But let me know if you find a doctor that's good with this sort of thing.

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    hello, I have been here for a few years and to be honest, it is hard to find a gynae here with a great bedside manner. I have been to 4 different ones in the past and never returned to them and was still searching until a few days ago. There is a chinese female doctor Dr. Cheung and she was quite nice and professional during consultation. If you are interested, Pm me and I can send you the details for an appointment. For now, if the infected area is really itchy, try put some plain cold yogurt around the areas. It will soothe the itching until you get professional help.

    I hope you feel better soon. x

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    burrcl is offline Registered User
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    I can't say with regards to your specific issues, but I was very happy with my obgyn - Dr Poddar at OT&P. I delivered with him, and he also dealt with cervical polyps I had very efficiently! Hope you get better soon, not pleasant for you at all

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    gldd is offline Registered User
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    Stop eating Processed Sugar! as it feeds the yeast.
    or consult an IMT therapist (Integrative Manual Therapist) to normalise the tissues in your body

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