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questions about living in South Horizons

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    questions about living in South Horizons

    We are looking for a bigger place, and I really like South Horizons. We have a few friends who live there, and I like the area and the shopping center. We considered moving there before when we were looking for a place to buy, but everything was just too expensive. Now we're looking in the mindset of paying rent instead. I've seen several apartments online that looked fairly nice, even one with an oven, but the prices were between about $17-20k per month, but that's still a bit high for us. I think the very most we could afford at this time is about $15k/month. We are looking for a 3 bedroom. Do any of you think it's possible to find a nice 3 BR for $15k or under?

    Also, questions about the clubhouse/swimming pools/ other facilities. When we become residents there, is it all included or do we have to pay membership fees? How much?

    My hubby works at Queen Mary Hospital, so we really can't move too far away from where we currently live, (Chi Fu), but we really, really need more space. We have two kids (8 & 5), and hope to have another baby in the next year.

    Thanks for any help.

    All the best,

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    We haven't moved to HK yet, but are this summer, and have heard from colleagues that you can get a 3-bed for around 15k. It takes work though (i.e.: looking at MANY units, and negotiating like crazy). Good luck!

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    Katie, you should consider moving down into the city - an older lowrise in Kennedy Town will give you the space you want at a more affordable price than the estates. Yes, you will have to give up on some of the facilities but you will gain a lot of space in return.
    You can also look in Aberdeen but there arent as many larger old flats in Aberdeen where most flats are quite small.

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    Most of the units under 15K can be 3 bedrooms, but they are around 700-800 sqf. As soon as you ask for a 900-1000 it will be around 17K, with a good negotiation. There are a lot of units free now, but it's because of the MTR work which makes a lot of noise around a few buildings, so becareful when you visit.
    Though the rental prices are lower now in SH (a 3 bedroom appart worth 16K 5 months ago is worth 13-14K now), so it's worth a try...

    Apart from that, it's true that the place is great. Considering the Club House, you'll pay a fee whenever you access the swimming pools (5HK$), the sport club, the mini-golf etc... but not the playarea or restaurants.

    Good luck !

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