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When to move baby to a toddler bed from cot?

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    When to move baby to a toddler bed from cot?

    My 1 year old daughter has been moving around a lot in her sleep. When she falls asleep, she is in the middle part with her feet almost touching the bottom but for about 3x each night, I would find her across with her neck angled a bit. This worries me so I thought of moving her to a big bed.

    Should I? Any better suggestions mummies?

    (Co-sleeping is not an option because our bed is quite small for 3.)


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    It sounds like her cot is quite small. Maybe just buy a larger cot (perhaps one that transforms into a toddler bed later). I think at 1 year old, your daughter might struggle with the concept of staying in a 'big girl's bed' all night. In my opinion, keep her in a cot as long as possible (until she starts climbing out, for example). I didn't move my boys until they were about 2.5 years.

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    We moved our daughter to toddler bed with bedrail at 13 months because she climbed and fell out of her cot 3 times in 2 weeks. It's a difficult concept for her to grasp to stay in bed and it took a while. But it's better than her hurting herself from falling.

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    we moved both of our kids to a proper big kid bed (no toddler bed for us), when they were around 12 months. they each would get out of bed numerous times per night for about a year... didn't make much difference to us as we were used to it already.

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