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Poll: Combi vs Bugaboo Which is better?

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Which is better Combi or Bugaboo?

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    kam2350 is offline Registered User
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    May 2013
    Hk island

    Just found this online hk store that sells babyzen yoyo 0-6mth and 6mth+ in hk:

    Ourbaby Online Shop

    My baby is due end of march so might wait a bit longer to purchase but Friends in NYC and London rave about this pram for inner city living. I think it's a good investment for such convenience, including when travelling overseas :)

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    AandD is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2013

    I looked at various brands... IMHO:

    Bugaboo: Very nice design, very sturdy but can be a bit heavy if mummy is by herself
    Combi: Very light, but personally it feels a little bit flimsy. Easy one hand fold/unfold

    In the end I opted for a Chicco... sturdy, light-weight and easy one hand operation.

    My decision factors are based on the fact that I may not always be with my wife when she brings it out. So a sturdy, light-weight easy to operate pram was a must...

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    vivienwin is offline Registered User
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    May 2014

    vote for combi on this. i've got a combi premier miracle and it has been great. very easy to fold (with single hand) and its ard 7ish kg (if i remember correctly) so i can put it to the back of the car by myself. Also its v easy to adjust the incline so when my LO dozed off in it i can just quietly flattern the seat to almost flat within a second. also you dont need to take the seat out to change from rear facing to fwd facing (unlike bugaboo). the weakness of this stroller is that its abit wobbly and also the low position (so its not suitable for very tall couple) but since i dont really walk with my LO near the busy road side this wont be a big concern for me. so far loving the combi stroller!

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    vivienwin is offline Registered User
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    May 2014

    forgot to mention, it really depends on what area you live in and what kind of activities you are doing with your baby. for e.g. bugaboo camelion is perfect for places like sydney where there are SO MUCH space but will be a terrible choice for a city like HK! in hk if you really want bugaboo then BEE is the best selection.

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    kat0409 is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2014

    Hello, we are here for a month, bought a bugaboo be and loved it. We are leaving in a couple of weeks and are looking into selling It if we can. It comes complete with manual, warranty etc. We're selling for half the price.

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    nyhkmom is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2013

    having used both these strollers and many others (maclarens, peg perego, baby jogger city select, stokke etc), think it depends on how you plan to use them. i bought the combi f2 during a weekend trip to macau since we opted not to bring our larger baby jogger city select out. at the time, i liked the combi f2 was super light weight, single hand fold and with the one bar handle (a must for umbrella strollers since i prefer strollers that only require one hand to push). it's ok, but the wheels aren't great- no suspension and gets caught on almost every little bump on the road, including getting of escalators- so don't really like using this stroller much. as for the bugaboo, neither of my sons like the feel of this stroller, thus wouldn't stay in them happily. this was same for the stokke stroller. if you're looking for a really solid lightweight, durable stroller, i suggest the babyhome emotion:

    it's from a company in barcelona and relatively new to market. the design and functionality are awesome. it has the best travel bag of any stroller i've ever used- packs into a backpack case. i bought this one in nyc and has been all over the world with the little ones and me.

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    Deepika23 is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2018

    i am using Bugaboo for my son, its seat is only suitable for 6mths+ and very comfartable too use.

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