My helper recently announced that she agreed to her sister's proposal to go back and help her with their family business. It's a sad news for us, as I'm expecting the second baby in the end of summer. This was our first helper since we moved to HK and overall our experience with her was quite positive, as she's very reliable and responsible with children. I'm quite at a loss now, facing a task of quickly finding a new helper whom I can completely trust. What's make it worse is that I have a high risk, complicated pregnancy and simply can't manage without help now, and I'm not in the position to take the risks of employing a helper without recommendations.

So I would really truly appreciate if you could recommend a reliable and experienced helper you know well, who can provide excellent recommendation from her previous employers.

On my part I can promise that she will get into a friendly and caring environment and receive a good compensation package. We are a European family with a 4 y.o. daughter (and a baby to come), no pets, living in Island South.