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Preparing/having 3rd child?

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    Preparing/having 3rd child?

    Interested to hear from mommies of 3 the challenges (or ease) of going from having 2 to 3kids comparatively from going from 1 to 2kids. What to expect/look forward to with 3kids.

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    i've three kids - 3 1/2 yrs, 20 mths, 7mths....going from 1 to 2 kids was more of a "wow" than from 2 to 3, just because you dont have time to be so meticulous about everything and since you have more "experience" you..or at least, I am much more relaxed with #3. the kids growing up together is very nice. having said that I am a SAHM mom with 2.5 helpers so I don't need to clean or cook...just buy the groceries (as that gives me the much needed MYSELF time! - yes, grocery shopping is how I spend time on, not facials or massages, but going to Park N Shop!) I LOVE grocery shopping! :)

    i have 2 daughter and an infant son and the combination i believe is great - they really take care of him ( a bit too hands on sometimes) but generally they have lots of fun. the down fall is that the household is busy from 6:30am - 8pm when they all sleep - that is if you train them properly THEN you will have some quality down time. You MUST train them all to eat and sleep at the same time - yes, even nap close as possible...but if you succeed you will have your down time to do your own things. it is fun - expect lots of juggling of activities, grocery shopping, etc. but the rewards are far greater than everything else - you must love kids to have 3 so it will be lots of fun. tiring..but fun. i am thankful i can be a SAHM because watching them grow so far has been a very wonderful experience and seeing how you influence them has made me a more reflective learner.

    of course there are down sides...fighting over toys...yes, the girsl even fight with the 7mth old over books! poor boy! jealousy...makiing sure i spend "equal" amounts of time with all...and having enough space on my lap for at least 2 kids now. feeding time can be difficult - they like different things - one loves rice, the other hates it and will only eat bread / pasta - luckily #3 loves his rice cereal. what do you do? force feed or give in and give them all what they want to eat - I've given in because i can't stand the noise and want to make eating "pleasurable" for them rather than a battlezone. that is added work for the helper, for my grocery buying....

    it's fun though - despite all the the time they sleep i'm exhausted though! :)

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