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Preschool Options in Discovery Bay

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    Preschool Options in Discovery Bay

    We are relocating to HK this summer, our daughter will be 3 in August and ready for preschool. We intend on moving to DB. I know of three preschools - Discovery Minds, Sunshine House and the Montessori School. It seems they all have wait lists already. What are our other options? Also, has anyone sent their kids to Sunshine House or the Montessori School? I've only heard first hand experience from Discovery Minds.
    Thank you!!!

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    Discovery Bay

    My daughter is about the same age, turns 3 in October and goes to sunshine house at nth plaza (there are 2 sunshine houses in DB) and loves it. I think that all the schools in DB are good, you just need to chose the one that suits you and your child best.

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    There are some other options in DB too but I understand not generally for 5 days a week. Midget Gems, Second Friends, Woodentots, Woodlands Montessori, Mountainview Montessori (I only have first hand experience with Second Friends which I would recommend). Also think about putting your name down for primary school wait lists or even better, if you can negotiate a debenture into your employment/relocation package now so that you get to the front of the queue at DBIS - which would be in front of me :(.

    Both of mine go to DMK but sounds like you have sufficient feedback from there. PM me if you want to hear more. DMK has always been a popular option as a good school and an ideal place to have your kids while they wait (and wait and wait) for a primary school place at Discovery College, DBIS, LIS and Bradbury. Now that DMK is opening its own primary school in August at the North Plaza in DB, they are even more popular as parents want to get their kids into the DMK system so they can then continue at the primary school.

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