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Looking for holiday destination suggestions in China

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    Looking for holiday destination suggestions in China


    We have a 13 month old baby, and hubby has 1 more entry left on his China visa that we want to use up before it expires in May. We were going to go to Sanya, but only recently found out that we've missed the good weather season there. Have already been to Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, (prebaby) and Shenzhen (with baby). I've been to Beijing but hubby hasn't, but not sure how easy it would be to get around Beijing with the baby. Suggestions or past experiences would be much appreciated,

    Thanks, Sharon

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    Sanya's weather mimics Hong Kong and they've recently finished the cold spell as we have here.
    I'm curious where you received the information that said you've missed the good weather season....

    Personally I wouldnt take such a young baby anywhere preferring to have an adult-only vacation, however when I visited Lijiang I did find a number of people with young babies around. Lijiang is a wonderful and relatively cool place this time of year.

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    You could try going to Huizhou, which isn't too far away from Hong Kong. i heard good things about the Intercontinental there in terms of family friendly hotels. also, if you manage to get your trip booked and sorted before April's end, Sanya should still be reasonably dry. The typhoon season normally starts around May. Another option might be Qingdao. The problem is that most places in southern China will begin to get wet in May... Anyways, in case you're looking for kid-friendly places to stay, you might find this link useful:
    I think they have a section on different places in china as well, so it may be worth a look.

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