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any comment on ICA Island Christian Academy?

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    any comment on ICA Island Christian Academy?

    Any comment on this new school?

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    Editor is offline Administrator
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    It hasn't opened yet. they are accepting applications for P1-3. they have done an amazing job with Small World Kindergarten, and hope the primary school will be the same. :)

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    My child goes to the year 1 class this year and will start year 2 in the new campus in August.

    There is only ONE year 1 class hosted at the Small World campus this year. They just don't call it year 1, but is run as a year 1 class. We are a very, very fortunate to be the first batch. Teacher, assistants and school support have all been amazing. The children learned so much in a year! Class atmosphere is friendly and fun. Although I am not a Christian, I love the fact that the school is - all the better in teaching good values to kids nowadays in this complicated world.

    The team setting up the new school is wonderful. Imagine if it's done by other schools, so much resources would have gone to hire a team just for set up! When the school says that they put all their resources into the children, it's not just hype. When you see how they run their set-up team with so few staffs - literally on a shoestring - and all the books and resources they put in the class, you will understand what I mean.

    I had my doubts before when they first started the year 1 class last September, but no more. I know the parents of other children feel the same way I do. Other than the children who plan to move on to local schools, I know a few other parents who have declined offers from some very established international schools to stay on board - the action itself speaks a thousand words.

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    Great teachers and management

    Island Christian Academy is going to be a great school. As editor mentioned, Small World Christian Kindergarten is the team behind Island Christian Academy, and Small World has 25 years of experience in Hong Kong and a fabulous reputation. The school is going to be very well resourced and staffed with excellent teachers from abroad and from other international schools in Hong Kong.

    The staff is accessible and interested in parent and community opinions. I suggest you give them a call or email.

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    My child is also in the current Year 1 class and I also couldn't be happier with the school. It is a warm, caring and supportive environment. The children are happy, friendly and polite. The current Year 1 teacher is excellent and there is a lot of personal attention for each child. I have been really impressed with the amount that my child has learned in this first year.

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