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ob/gyn recommendation

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    ob/gyn recommendation

    Can someone recommend an private ob/gyn in, or close to, Clearwater Bay? Preferably, an OB who works with Pamela Youde or Prince of Wales Hospitals. I would like to use private antenatal care and a public hospital for delivery.

    Please provide contact information or the name of the clinic so that I can look up the number myself.

    Thanks a lot!

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    My understanding is that the doctors in public hospitals cannot practice privately. So you would not be able to see the same doctor privately and publicly. However, some of the public hospitals (eg. Queen Mary) have a "private stream" where you can have private appointments with a doctor who would practice publicly too. However, then you would be a "private patient" of the hospital, paying those charges. Maybe you are planning to opt for the latter?

    What many people who deliver in public hospitals do is see a different ob/gyn privately for antenatal care throughout pregnancy. Of course, this doctor would not be present at delivery.

    If you are looking for a private ob/gyn fairly close to CWB, I saw one at the Union Hospital Polyclinic in Metrocity Po Lam. The doctor I saw no longer practises there but a doctor who was highly recommended by my colleagues does - Dr. Yu Kai Man. He is quite senior and thus very busy so you'd need to book appointments in advance. In fact, I couldn't get an appointment with him quick enough so started with the other doctor.

    Here's the clinic details:

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