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Panicking about move to HK with 14 month old

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicki_viking View Post
    OO, OK I need to elaborate a LOT - my fault for being so vague to start with. I am a qualified Town Planner, boyfriend is qualified Urban Designer - we know there are jobs available in our professions in HK, but what we're finding is that unless you work for a company that has offices in UK and HK (which neither of us do) then most companies in our lines of work are only interested in hiring if you are already in HK. WE have plenty of invitations to come in to talk to companies once we are in HK. We have both also recently qualified with TEFL for teaching english as a foreign language, which we hope we can use as a back up option if there are no jobs immediately forthcoming in our usual lines of work. We are applying for teaching jobs now - as some of these interview in the UK for work starting later in the year.
    Just quickly regarding urban planning in HK (our neighbor of several years and a good friend works in this field) - jobs are few and far between and nearly all will give a high degree of preference to a candidate who can read and write fluently in Chinese. The University of Hong Kong has a department of urban planning and design that churns out a number of highly qualified candidates yearly. Unless you have in excess of 5 or so years experience your chances of finding work that will qualify you for a work visa (i.e. the job you take cannot be filled by any local employee) in this field is slim - just something else to consider.

    After our neighbor gets back from their Easter holiday I can ask if he would be willing to speak with you about the field in HK.

    Regarding teaching English in HK - without a proper education degree - this is a job and not a profession. Unless you open your own learning centre or something in the future there is very little room for advancement.

    And, the one big thing I would consider before coming here is whether you have health insurance for your child (and yourselves). Without a residency visa you will not have access to medical care at subsidized rates in Hong Kong and a simple broken bone or a few stitches can easily sent you back a thousand pounds or more. The bill for my last emergency medical visit (from a random dog bite, totally unavoidable and unexpected, was just walking down the street when the thing lunged at me) would have set me back about 1200 pounds at the regular hospital rates.

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    IF you have residency (dependent on finding a job and getting a visa first of all), you don't "need" medical insurance. The public system here is adequate. I've used it a LOT and it is only ever $100 per visit, or $60 per follow up visit. Inpatient is $100/day for everything ($50 for children), including all tests/surgeries/everything. Birth control is only $1 for all sorts ranging from the pill to IUDs... We have insurance provided by my husband's work, but more often than not, we use the public system rather than the private. Yes, insurance might be "nice" - you would get to go to more comfortable hospitals, but the medical care there is not superior. It's not an absolute necessity though, provided you have residency here.

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    Hi Elle, thanks for the info, we know about Uni of HK, we already have a contact there, but if your neighbour is willing to speak to us that would be an additional help for us - the more we know before we go the better!

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    Tefl degree will help if you have some experience teaching.There always is some work for native speakers and of course the more experience you have the better the salary.Check out South China Morning Post Education for your back up options.I agree with the posts above health insurance is crucial in HK . In terms of cost to survive per month living modestly Id imagine you wil need an income of around 30 000 HKD which roughly is 2500 pounds.That should cover your rent-on an outlying island or NT plus food, maybe childcare.You have ti remember that flats are much smaller here than back in the UK so in terms of a lifestyle change it will be harder to find big areas to play with your 14 th month old.Having said that if you you live on Lamma Island there are beaches there. Getting married for visa purposes is a wise move as otherwise you will need to exit the country to get another one and of course you will miss out on resident benefits such as medical care,work permit etc Its hard to tell is you gonna be better off in HK than in the Uk all depends on the job situation. HK is a great place to live and I love it.yes it has its drawback- its expensive ,poluted and getting a place in a school is a nightmare but it is also exciting and cosmopolitan and all the other moms I met here were extremelly friendly and helpful. Maybe come over see is you can secure a job and then decide for good. Best of luck!

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