I'm always on the lookout for good shampoos that are chemical-free (or nearly). I also LOVE A'kin products--I used to get them at the SaSa outlet stores for cheap too but they've been out for awhile now. Also love aromatica products--same deal--used to get them at SaSa outlet and now they are out.

Lately for my children I've been using a nice wash that doubles as a shampoo called episencial playful foaming wash--the bottle has artwork by Eric Carle. I bought my bottle at CitiStore in Yuen Long in the baby section. I don't know if they have it elsewhere. The distributor is Smart Little One in Yuen Long and here is their info: http://www.infoguidehongkong.com/yue...leone-ltd.html

These shampoos by Healthy Times are nice as well but probably not as natural as the above-mentioned wash. I see on the page that there is also a coconut wash for babies--haven't tried that one. The shop is in Causeway Bay--they tend to have good prices on health-food and healthy products--better than most of the grocery stores--and free shipping for orders over $2,000 but cheap shipping even for smaller orders.