improper latching on one side due to inexperience initially The nipple was terribly 'injured' and the nerves felt like being pricked by thousands of needles But I'm glad I made it thru with the help of breastmilk & nipple cream, & lotsa persistence & determination I still use nipple cream & breastpads after showers It's so gratifying to be able to find a solution that cured the nipples and to know we cud continue to bf our kids isn't it Glad u found yours and r doing so well :) Agree with u every mother is different and I also think that each child also reacts differently to teething and how they tackle the nipples with their new assets;) I'm very thankful my boy has generally been gentle to my nipples with his:) Hope ur gal will have a smooth time with teething and there'll be minimal discomfort for u:)