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7 weeks and Confused

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    Kaydee is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2012
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    7 weeks and Confused

    Okai, Now this is really scary and of course crazy..
    i was told that i am 6 weeks pregnant.
    i am a stomach sleeper and for past 3 weeks it was really not possible by me to sleep on my stomach. Also i was feeling a bit bloated(obviously!!) But now, for some reason i am able to sleep on my stomach without any problem and i dont feel so bloated....
    i have no bleeding issues so far(touch-wood).
    wat could be wrong.
    This is my first pregnancy.. Please clarify :(

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    sfolola is offline Registered User
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    May 2011

    Hi Kaydee,

    Congrats on your first! During my first trimester, I was able to sleep on my belly pretty much the whole time. Now, at 18 weeks, it's less comfortable. :)

    My best advice would be for you to get yourself an appt to see an OB-GYN soon (especially if you are considering delivering at a private hospital), and then get on a site like to get educated about what to expect!

    Good luck!

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    evgreen is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2011
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    sleeping on your belly is fine as long as you're comfortable...they do say to avoid sleeping on your back once your belly starts getting bigger to avoid putting pressure on a major artery which could affect the blood flow to your baby. i am a stomach sleeper too, but that all changed when my belly got bigger. i thought i could sleep on my stomach again after i gave birth...but engorged breasts at night make it even more impossible!!

    oh and congrats on the pregnancy!

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    why would there be something wrong? the fetus is about the size of a jelly bean... not nearly big enough to cause problems sleeping on tummy yet.

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    Tasha2303 is offline Registered User
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    I always slept on my belly until my bump started getting in the way. I experienced bloating in first two months and looked about four month this pregnant! It's been the same with all three of mine (3rd due in 4 weeks). Your little one is in a sac and very well protected, your just having a very normal first time mummy worry. Of course if you have any discomfort or bleeding or are still worried then go and see your doctor.
    Try not to worry and big congratulations!!! : )

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