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Pap Smear Test during 1st check up

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    Quote Originally Posted by claresaunders View Post
    Is it normal to have a pap smear done while pregnant? I'm feeling a little uncomfortable about it and don't know if I'm being unreasonable. Are there any dangers or problems that could occur because of it? Or is it something that maybe could prevent a problem?
    I know I could just ask the "professionals", but I also know that their answer will be that "of course it's necessary". I am just feeling like I want the least amount of medical intervention possible during this pregnancy. Not too sure if it might cause miscarriage or anything as i am still going through first trimester.
    All input and advice welcome!

    I went to my first appointment yesterday, my OB asked me whether I've done a pap smear before - which I have never done one. She said she will do this test for me after I give birth, since the test will cause bleeding, maybe infection as well making it not a good thing to do while you are pregnant.

    However I have actually read in a pregnancy book that this test is useful to detect whether your uterus has some cancer cells that might cause problem for your pregnancy or such risks.

    Personally I will not consider doing this while pregnant, but maybe you should listen to your OB instead.
    mummy mummy hooohooo

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    I'm a bit confused about this also. I do one regularly every 2 years which means I should have one this month, but I'm 17 weeks pregnant. I saw an OB who said it's fine to have it done when pregnant.
    However, when I went for my 2nd checkup at Tsan Yuk they said they will do it after I deliver. Will 6 months make a difference?

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