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Dr Choy and TTC

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    Red face Dr Choy and TTC

    Hi everyone,

    Husband (38) and I (35 tomorrow) decided to have a child when we moved to hong kong 5 months ago. As we have no family here I tried to do as much research as possible to see if having a kid in hong kong would be something feasible for us. On that note I have to congratulate these forums, it is an amazing network of information and support, that hugely helped me being comfortable with having a kid here even though I don't know much about babies, pregnancy, etc.

    Anyways, when we decided to TTC, due to my age I went to see dr. Choi just go ensure everything was ok. I immediately took a liking to her, even though I heard she was a bit rough. She diagnosed me with PCO (not pcos), she also said I had a begnin tumor in my uterus and thin lining, and getting pregnant could take longer but she was confident there would be no problem. she also mentioned I'm at risk for preeclampsia, miscarriage, gestational diabetes and depending on my tumor I might have to have a c section.

    Second time I went she saw my follicles did not mature so no ovulation, and my fertility test came back low (13, normal is 22), she put me on metmorfin 1500mg and clomid 50mg. My first cycle of clomid is due to start next week.

    I'm 35, very active and sporty, well balanced diet and overall relaxed person.
    All this was to give a bit of background on my situation, so that my questions make more sense.

    1. What's your opinion on dr. Choy and fertility issues? I see very little written about her, and would like to know if anyone has undergone fertility treatments with her that we're successful and how long it took.

    3. Although I'm not stressed about it the list of bad things that can happen during a future pregnancy is a bit scary, does anyone know if these are very common, and do the doctors here keep an extra eye out for you when ur at risk of all these?

    2. When we get pregnant we'll go the public way, with private doctor on the side, thanks to this forum I was able to make that decision knowing it was the best for us. Do u know if dr. Choy treats patients that wont deliver with her? If so, do u reccommend her as gyn?

    So sorry, for the long post, it won't happen again, but I truly appreciate some feedback as I feel slightly lost and don't really have anyone to talk to about this.

    Thanks a bunch

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    I really like Dr Choy and think she's very competent. I've undergone two cycles of IUI with her, and got a BFP first time on both cycles. I didn't use her for the antenatal care and birth though, as I chose Dr Ghosh who can deliver at the Matilda (but he doesn't do fertility treatment). She was absolutely fine about just doing the initial fertility treatment, and then handing over to Dr Ghosh. When I was bleeding heavily and in danger of losing one pregnancy, she was very sympathetic, very helpful - came in on her day off to see me and reassure me.

    I also had a polyp surgically removed by her at Canossa Hospital. She was very efficient and professional, but also has a nice bedside manner.

    She's not the cheapest, and if your insurance doesn't cover everything, then (for example) buy your vitamins and folic acid from Watsons.

    HTH and good luck!

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    I was TTC for over a year and so went to see Dr Choy who told me I had low ovarian reserve and thin lining. I also liked her very much since she is very scientific and professional but not at all harsh. She started me on Clomid which didnt help but after 2 months of fertility injections I am happy to say I am 7 weeks pregnant. They are being careful with the pregnancy (its my first) and I feel like I am in safe hands (can be hard to know where to go when you are not local). So, all in all it took me 5 'goes' to get a positive result. Hope that helps.

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