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Physical Education in schools in HK?

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    Physical Education in schools in HK?

    I read an interesting article that said that many girls in the UK found that P.E. classes discouraged them from keeping an active lifestyle, mostly because they found that competitive sports were not their type of thing. The writer said some proposals were being made to engage the kids in other types of activity during P.E.

    For parents who have kids in school, what are P.E. classes like in HK? It is so hot here and it does not seem like many schools have nice sports facilities, so what does a typical P.E. class consist of? Also, how many parents have their kids in extracurricular sports or fitness activities by the time their kids hit primary?

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    My son does P.E. twice a week in school. He is 7. One of those classes is swimming (during summer months). The other class varies. So far this year he has done cricket, rugby, soccer, basketball, long jump, running, hula hooping, to name a few. It varies on a weekly basis dependant upon the weather. They also play games like 4 square, team tag etc.

    As an extra curricular activity he does brazilian soccer skills and tae kwondo once a week.

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    I'm not too sure about the PE education in local schools, but for the most part in international schools, the activities and sports are extremely varied. I went to HKIS and my younger sister who just left HKIS two years ago had a very rounded PE education. Competitive sports are obviously important including basketball, rugby, volleyball and badminton. Less conventional sports such as kayaking, sailing, rock-climbing, and archery were also a part of the normal curriculum in secondary school. In primary school, gymnastics and swimming were a big component of PE.

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