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How to combat boredom with a traveling spouse

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    How to combat boredom with a traveling spouse

    DH's new position here in HK has him traveling a lot. Have made a few friends so far, but they are mostly other moms and so our social activities end when it's time to go home for dinner. My kids go to bed earlier than I would so I find myself bored a lot. I heard that a lot of women deal with this in HK as traveling is a big part of many people's jobs. What do other people do to get used to the situation?

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    Get out of the house! My husband travels at least one week out of every month. I'm assuming you have full-time help at home? There is so much to do in Hong Kong and it really depends on your interests. I enjoy hiking very much if you're the 'nature' type. There are a lot of trails to explore in HK. Hong Kong Hikes by Christian Wright is a guidebook available in most bookstores. Otherwise, cultural events abound in HK. Although the HK film festival just finished, this month is 'Le French May' and there is a very full calendar of cultural events These are just some suggestions. Otherwise, maybe join a recreation club nearby, a gym or some yoga classes?

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    You might also try to make friends who are single or don't have kids. They would generally be out and about after bedtime. Most of my friends fall into this category... I have very few mommy close friends... so when my husband is away - though I moan and groan because I'm a very clingy wife and hate sleeping in an empty bed - I could actually have a full calender if I had the energy to keep up with my friends. Which I don't, so I usually end up catching up on sleep, reclaiming control of the remote and watching MY programmes, reading, working on a scrapbook.

    Hong Kong is actually quite a friendly place for people looking to meet new people. Lots of interest groups etc.

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    Try picking up mahjong! I've recently taken up classes at the YWCA and made a few friends and met a group of expats who play weekly nights (typically after work thing). Who knows, maybe I'll be good enough one day to join my local neighbors for a game or two!

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