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Are most (if not all) of the doctors that deliver at Queen Mary female?

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    Are most (if not all) of the doctors that deliver at Queen Mary female?

    I'm having my antenatal appointments at Tsan Yuk, and am pleased that all the staff, save one receptionist, is female. I was wondering if the doctors delivering at Queen Mary are all female too? For personal reasons, I am uncomfortable with seeing male OBs. I probably won't have time to care when I'm actually in labour, but it's something bugging me at the moment.
    Any idea?

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    no, not all doctors are female.

    as for male doctors.... they are doing a job. you are not a sexual object to them, you are a patient... and as you said, in the throes of labour, i don't think you will really care if the doctor is male or female.

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    You know, I can't even remember which doctors (if any) were actually present at the births of my two girls (both born at QMH). Part of that is probably because I wear quite strong glasses and had them off by that stage of labour so couldn't see much ;) I don't specifically remember any males being at either birth - and it was the midwives (all women both times - both times I laboured through a shift change) who really did the bulk of the work and the most interacting with me. In addition, the doctor who checked on me post-delivery was a female (it was the same doctor both times, I remembered her). Also the post-natal check up obgyn who I saw at Anne Black MCHC was female - she's done my pap smears too.

    I did see a male obgyn for all of my prenatal check ups at QMH in my 2nd pregnancy - I was a high-risk case so always saw the same doctor who was quite senior.

    You COULD request that you are seen by female instead of a male - I'm sure if it were a true emergency it may be unavoidable to see whoever gets there fastest - but short of an emergency, it seems as though they have PLENTY of female doctors so your request might be easily accommodated.

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    If you're in a public hospital, you don't get to choose the doctor who does the delivery. But honestly, it's the female nurses / midwives who do 90% of the work anyway.
    It sounds like you're talking about a personal preference, and not a hard-core religious belief or something.
    If you just feel uncomfortable, you'll get over it, especially when you're in labor and have other things to think about.
    My ob-gyn was a wonderful man. But my back-up (in case he wasn't there) was a woman, and I found her awful! So don't assume that male physicians will be gentler or more sympathetic than female ones.
    And, as Carang said, they are very professional in Hong Kong. They are concentrating only on getting mom and baby through it safely.

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    When I was pregnant with my first child it was my husband who was really uncomfortable with me seeing a male OBGYN. So, I went to several female OBGYNs and they were all terrible--snotty, bad bed-side manner, condescending--and I went to a couple of "name brand" doctors in Central as well. After I gave birth once my husband got over his hangups and the second time around I saw a male OBGYN for most of my pregnancy and he was really much, much better. I would rather have a great male OBGYN than a so-so or bad female OBGYN but the truth is in the public hospital you don't get to choose. When I was in labor in the public hospital this last time I only saw females--but it is true what Gracey said about the midwives and nurses being the ones who are around most of the time anyway. When I was in recovery the doctor (a male) came by and did rounds and "inspected the wound"--that was the extent of it. But, yeah...once you've been through labor your sense of "modesty" probably will change a lot. Might as well get used to it now.

    “Many women have described their experiences of childbirth as being associated with a
    spiritual uplifting, the power of which they have never previously been aware …
    To such a woman childbirth is a monument of joy within her memory.
    She turns to it in thought to seek again an ecstasy which passed too soon.”

    ~ Grantly Dick-Read (Childbirth Without Fear)

    Mother of Two
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    I saw a male obgyn at QMH, so there are male doctors. He was also the one who delivered my baby. Additionally, the doctor who gave me the epidural was male too. But as others mentioned, 90% of the time the nurses and midwives attend to you.

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