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Has anyone weaned baby from night-nursing and has it helped with sleep issues?

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    thanka2 is offline Registered User
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    May 2009

    In our house where both parents are out of the house during the day for work, it was a combination of getting the helper to help out and daddy sharing equal night duty with mommy. It seems that having daddy go in and do the re-settling at night worked well. If he's not having to stay up for hours at a time to do it, doing that for a few weeks until your child gets the message that breastfeeding at night is no longer an option is probably a good way to go. That's kind of what being a parent is about--whether you have to work or not sometimes you're not going to get fantastic sleep. I would go with what worked to begin with--get daddy back in the game on a regular basis.

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    i'm not really sure what's going on anymore. i feel like things are getting worse. he's waking up more frequently since last night. i've been letting him cry for a few min at a time before i go in but so far it hasn't helped. i don't know why it's getting worse instead of better? i am miserable.

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    I have a 16 month old daughter who's never been a good sleeper and she has to suck to sleep. We co-sleep and she never took the cot from day 1. My weaning process was I dropped off the night feed first then gradually the afternoon feed. I figured it will be a slow painful process, so started this around 13 months. She's fully weaned at 15 months.

    It was long & hard in the first few weeks. She just wanted to suck but I just lie down with her. Pat her back, talk to her, carry her, tried rocking but never offer the breast. Each time if she cry uncontrollably we will bring her to the living room, calm her down and after she stops, we start all over again. It took 2-3 hrs each night for her to sleep. There were times I just wanted to give in as it is quite draining but my husband encouraged me to persevere.

    By week 3, we had a routine and she got it or perhaps gave in. Lights off and go to bed obediently. We thought we did it!! Then a few days later, she fell ill and had a breakout of rash (I accidentally gave her eggs - she is allergic to egg white!), we were back to square 1! She cried/scream each night when its bedtime. To the point, she will not sleep on the bed or enter the room. So, for at least 2 weeks, we slept in the living room - on the mat or on the sofa, depending on what she wants. We found out later, she was also teething (molars).

    Anyway, we went away for 2 weeks and since we came back, touch wood she has been very obediently going to bed willingly. However, the cue for her/us is we say good night to everyone including the helper. One thing did change though, she now wants a bottle of milk right before she sleep on the bed - I guess this to her is like sucking to help her sleep.

    Hope that helps and good luck. Like everyone says... it will only get better!

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    autumnwithrosa is offline Registered User
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    Tuen Mun

    Hi! I thought I was the only one with this problem. I haven't had a good night sleep for nearly 15 months. We share a very similar case here only that I'm not very persistent in feeding my boy with water during the night because he would definitely push the cup away. But what I do is that I feed him as much as possible before he sleeps and then I give him some water just after his last feed; then he can sleep for 3-4 hours at the very beginning before waking up every 1.5-2hrs for the breast. And as soon as he sleeps, maybe half an hour to an hour later I will sleep as well; this is where I get most of my sleep from.

    Well I do hope that your babe will night-wean asap. Likewise same for me and any other mums who share the same problem here.

    Good Luck!!!

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