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after first docter consultation at matilda, totally confused about what to do, help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jill2012 View Post
    sorry, i went and read all the threads in this forum and now understand the process with public hospital now.
    my question now remains, does any one has bupa intl insurance, and what's the best option to do? i was thinking about still perform the delivery at matida, but given antenatal checks are all so expensive i 'd rather go to the public maternity centers, but in that case would my private docter still take me on for delivery?...or should i do the reverse, by seeing private docters for antenatal checks and deliver at public hospital?? any other private clinics that's less expensive than matilda? thanks
    It depends on what you're comfortable with and your budget.

    For my first baby, I planned to deliver at a public hospital but did a lot of private antenatal checks. There are doctors in Hong Kong who are open to this arrangement. I saw Dr. Eric Lee in Prince's Building in Central who was very sweet and supportive even though I wasn't delivering with him. Later, I switched to a doctor in Tseung Kwan O closer to where I lived. Again, she was very good, even though I was clear about not delivering with her. I delivered public as planned and the entire cost I bore was exactly zero because my insurance covered up to 10,000 hkd.

    For baby 2, I was determined to go private. However, since I was unwilling to put down a deposit of 20,000 at adventist/santarium, I opted for Baptist instead where the deposit was hkd6000. My doctor was Dr. Jimmy Mak. I told him I would like to avail of the free testing and check-ups at the public hospital and alternate check-ups with him. he was fine with it. My baby was in breech position and since he knew I wanted a natural delivery, he suggested I could try an ECV, which would have to be done at a public hospital. He wrote a letter for me requesting their urgent action, even though he knew I might end up delivering public if the ECV didn't work and he would lose a patient. He didn't push me into a c-section at any point. I really respected that. As discussed with him, the cost of a natural delivery at Baptist would be around 60-70,000 and the cost of a planned c-section would be 70-80,000. An unplanned c-sec would be at least 10,000 more and really, it's hard to estimate the cost for that.

    In the end, I had to have an unplanned c-sec and I delivered public again, since I didn't want to be stressing about costs during my delivery.

    With a budget of 80,000, you could opt for Baptist or Union in Sha Tin. That should cover your delivery. Your antenatal checks could be about 15,000. Mine were about 10,000 both times but I did the testing as much as possible in the public system.

    Hope that helps.

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    Ladies, thanks so much for your quick feedbacks, already feeling a bit less stressed;-).
    Just checked my insurance policy, it's indeed per calender year, though unfortunately the policy starts feb-each year, so my birth in Jan 2012 will be exactly before the next calender year, hence all cost associated with delivery and checks will have to come from this calender year.
    apparently the 80K limit is for natural birth, with C-section, upper limit is 160K$, for the delivery.
    though antenatal&postnatal limit is an additional 20K $'s, so I am now searching for a OB that's preferably won't be as costly as the most popular ones do. (charade thanks for sharing your detailed experience, I will check if I can also go to Eric Lee)

    As to Matilda, gee, 100k for 3 nights and natural births? ouch, I put my name down for 5 nights, twin room, haven't paid deposit yet as still need to shop for a OB.... but supposedly if a C-section, it will definitely go beyond 200K...

    In that case, i guess the safest is to go two routes, one is public, (at least registered for a place just in case), then follow Carang's suggestion, to go private at public hospital, hopefully a little less expensive.

    Does any one has experience with Queen Mary Hospital private? anyone know any OB's practicing at QMH?

    Many thanks again ladies and love you all

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