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Travelling to Japan with a toothless baby.. Help needed!!

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    doe eyes is offline Registered User
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    Travelling to Japan with a toothless baby.. Help needed!!

    I am planning a trip to Japan for around a week with my 16 month old daughter who just has 1 tooth. I wanted to know if healthy vegetarian packaged baby food is readily available in cities like Tokyo and Kyoto as she won't b able to eat a lot of foods that we will eat in restaurants. I am getting a little worried as I want a good option for her but for practical purposes don't want to spend 3-4 hrs just cooking. Thus wud like to fall on the option of packaged food. Also she can eat scrambled egg, bananas without mashing so if anybody has vegetarian options that don't require much time to prepare ( prepreparation is ok) please feel free to share

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    a 16 month old can pretty much eat anything you do.... even meat. doesn't matter if she only has one tooth.

    it really makes life a lot easier the sooner you get your child (she's not a baby anymore) eating the same as the parents.

    good luck!

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    2010-NewDad is offline Registered User
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    There are plenty of packaged food options - though being able to read Japanese would definitely help you find the most appropriate ones though. Our baby is a bit younger than yours and only has two teeth - she also struggles to eat chewy food - she'll give it a go for a few seconds and then spit it out. We try this a few times and then she wises up and refuses to try any more.

    Aka Chan Honpo is one of the big stores you can look out for - looking at this they have stores in Kyoto too.

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    You can try some package food in city super before you leave HK, see which one she likes. (those japanese baby food sold in HK has English label, so you can see what in it) and you can buy same thing when you are in Japan.
    Most probably they have same thing or something similar.
    There is also congee powder, you can just mix with hot water and can be eaten.
    you can adjust amount of water, depends on how thick you want to make.

    Anyway there are many things baby can eat in Japan as taste is quite mild(japanese food). We discover many things my kid like there, like Tofu, stem vege etc..

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    Since it's just a week, you can also bring enough food for the whole trip. I was pleased to learn that baby-food is now in squeeze packets instead of jars, so they are light and super easy. I like them for traveling because you can throw a couple into the diaper bag with a bib and spoon and not worry about it. Don't need bowls or anything - just squeeze one bite onto the spoon and they are served room temperature. Like Summer 2012 suggested, try a few flavors out prior to leaving to see what your baby likes.

    When we traveled with our baby a few years back I was nervous about being able to find food and went out and bought these meals - we were feeding solids 3 times a day and the trip was 6 days, so I got 20 packets. Didn't really take up much room in the luggage and diaper bag, and anyway, as your baby eats through it you get more and more room. :) I actually found bringing the milk harder since we were on formula at that time and bringing a can of that, plus bottles and cleaning equipment was a lot more annoying! Hope you have a great time; that sounds like a nice trip.

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    canadianinhk is offline Registered User
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    We have travelled with both of our children in Japan many times. We just came back from Osaka and had no trouble finding food for our one year old. Does your daughter not eat any adult food? We managed to find a lot for her in restaurants though we were not concerned about vegetarian food so don't know if that will make it more difficult. She liked the soups - miso, ramon and udon - we just carried a pair of scissors to cut all of the noodles up small, she liked a lot of the rice dishes and she liked the vegetable tempura. We really had no trouble finding stuff for her to eat except fruit which wasn't readily available in Osaka though I know we had less trouble finding it in Tokyo. Could have been where we were staying and I didn't search that hard because we were just gone for four days and thought she would survive without all of the fruit she normally eats.

    If your baby doesn't eat adult food and she is a picky eater I would do what the others have said and bring the food that is in the packages. I used to do that with my first and didn't find it too much of a hassle. As others have said you have a full heavy suitcase on the way out but a lighter one on the way back or at least one with space for shopping :)

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