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Seeking for recommendations of OBGYNs who deliver at Matilda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twinstar59 View Post
    Does anyone know if Dr Grace if still accepting patients? I was her patient for previous pregnancy but not sure if she will accept me again this time
    As far as I know she is still taking patients that have delivered with her before. I had heard she wasn't taking any patients but I had no problems getting an appointment to see her, they just asked me if I had delivered with her before.

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    I just delivered our first baby in Matilda two weeks back and my OB/GYN is Dr. May Mok. She is doctor doo's colleague. We had a great experience with her. We initially waited for Dr. Grace Cheung and in the meanwhile went to Dr. Mok for a check up. Though we got a call from Dr. Cheung's clinic later, we were so impressed with Dr. Mok that we decided to continue with her. She is extremely patient, asked us every time if we had questions for her and answered all our questions. Her English is excellent, understand she studied in Australia. Our daughter was in a breech position till the end of the 38th week and only around 36 weeks did she ask us to consider a c-section. Had a few hiccups during pregnancy and she was very supportive. She was also very thorough during each scan. Would definitely recommend her, let me know if you need her contacts.

    Quote Originally Posted by mango2012 View Post
    hi everyone,

    Can anyone recommend name(s) of medically professional doctors, who do not push you into a c-section and speaks english? And if possible, pls provide why you recommend the dr. you suggest


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