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Pre-nursery in Deborah morning class and Learning Habitat afternoon class

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    tiu keng leng

    Pre-nursery in Deborah morning class and Learning Habitat afternoon class

    Hello Moms,

    I am looking for your advice for choosing prenusery for my daughter in 2012/13.

    She got an offer from Deborah AM and Learning habitat PM. Both are in TKO.

    I heard Learnign habitat is more famous school, so better send the kid there even though it's PM class. Is it?

    Please help~!


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    I also applied to these two preschools for my son for 13/14. The attraction of Learning Habitat for me was the bilingual curriculum since we come from an English-speaking household and I want my son to learn Cantonese but I also want to be able to communicate well with the school (hence the decision to go bilingual and not to a fully Cantonese school). One of the mums at my building playground also told me she preferred Learning Habitat to Box Hill, where her son eventually went. I think he got the PM slot at Learning Habitat as well so she chose Box Hill. For me the drawbacks of Learning Habitat would be that it's a bit further away from where I live and AM vs PM slot would also be a factor of choice for me. Learning Habitat is quite clear on its website where its kids got into primary school so that might influence your choice.

    I also spoke to a mum whose kid went to Deborah and they are happy with the school. The one thing that gave me the impression that it might be more old school in its thinking was that I went to drop off the form during the time when many parents pick up their kids after the AM session. And they had the international teachers at the door greeting everyone by repeating "Good Afternoon" to every parent that walked in, thought it was a bit ridiculous to make them do that but maybe parents appreciate it. Deborah also had a chart up of where their kids went to primary but I only took a cursory look - I was surprised to see 3% to ESF since I thought it was near impossible to get into ESF if not from the ESF kindy.

    Anyway would love to hear what others have to say about the two schools. And, of course, once you make your choice, it would be great if you let us know which you picked and why and feedback on the school

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    Pre-nursery in Deborah morning class and Learning Habitat afternoon class

    My son will attend Deborah AM Pre-Nursery starting this Sept. Deborah has a long history in Tseung Kwan O with 2 locations. I read a lot of parents forum, seem to be quite good. Learning Habitat has not been chosen (even i live at LOHAS Park), the impression from the school admin staff was not good and cost much more than Deborah. I personally do not expect "intensive academic subjects" for Nursery kids, as long as the children are happy, the school is clean with sizable area for the kids to play, teachers well taken care of the children with heart, that's all I care about. Good luck!

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