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    May 2012


    Can anyone tell me what vaccinations are required for children in Hong Kong? I have a 4yr & 6yr old.

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    penguinsix is offline Registered User
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    I think this is the current list:

    I think BCG is one that is not common if you are coming from the US or Europe. Hep. B is also not common in many parts of Northern Europe but is generally required in the US nowadays.

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    howardcoombs is offline Registered User
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    I do not believe anything is *required* for HK. penguinsix has given you the link that is recommended and followed by majority of parents&kids but they are just that, recommendations.

    A few parents (generally short term temp expats) ignore those recommendations and decide to go with whatever their home country follows.
    A few parents ignore science and doctors and choose instead to believe a nude model, z-list actress and other similar quacks and choose not to immunize at all.

    Every school that I've ever come in contact with has asked for a copy of immunization record to check children have some minimal set.

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