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Is it really this expensive....

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    MommyTo3 is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2008

    Mine were all born in the US, but it works the same way. Two-nights in the hospital (uncomplicated vaginal birth) is already close to US$10k, my doctor was under US$4k but close to US$6k the second time (twins). Anesthesiologist is separate as is your pediatrician. My first birth was completely covered (I think it was a about US$25-30k all together for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy (no complications). The second time with twins it ended up being close to US$55k for an uncomplicated pregnancy, full term babies who went home with me 48 hours later. We paid US$2000 out of pocket (our annual deductible).

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    FishMama is offline Registered User
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    Wow! Thanks all slightly scared now.... Off to see OBGYN in a couple of hours for 12 week scan and tests so will ask LOTS of questions now.
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    Caro2010 is offline Registered User
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    You can choose to go to a public hospital like Queen Mary and then it is all free. You can't bring your OBGYN but the health care is excellent.

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    no, it's not free at QMH.. they charge $100/day and $50 for admission. some of their tests are not free as well, but they are only a nominal charge.

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    jessy36 is offline Registered User
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    I know....I've heard stories and know that having a baby is really expesnive! Can probably buy an additional apartment for the price of taking care of your child till it is 16 years of age. I'm 4 months pregnant now and still can't believe how fast my stomach is growing and what I have to prepare for my baby's birth. Recently, I've also looked into some cord blood storage service for my baby. I have to prepare for this amount. Also need to pay for deposit for the hospital as well.

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    evgreen is offline Registered User
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    For me cord blood storage was an unnecessary expense. Unless you have a family history of genetic or congenital disease, I would rather donate baby's cord blood to someone in need. Unfortunately this was not an option for us at Matilda.

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    keninhk is offline Registered User
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    Asked a few trusted GPs and all said not to waste the cost of cord blood storage.

    When researching on the subject independently, I found the initial outlay cost couldn't justify benefits, if needed.

    Would recommend doing your research and coming to your own decisions.

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    Aquarian is offline Registered User
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    I read the same thing - unless you have a family history of these kinds of conditions it's not worth considering. In addition because it's so new it hasn't yet been proven to be more effective than getting a transplant from another donor; some experts believe giving a sick child more of their own cells will just cause the condition to reappear in the future and finally many of the companies who are offering this are using very dodgy statistics to persuade anxious parents-to-be that this is a good investment. So I'm steering well clear - though if my hospital wants to take mine to use for a baby that needs it, I'm happy to donate.

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