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Urgent! Got an offer from French international School.

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    cara you sound utterly defensive there. what triggered that? ;-)

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    not defensive at all.. i have nothing to do with the school...i just had a lot of questions about redanae's post. i have no problem with people not liking the school, but i think more information is needed.

    didn't mean to sound negative or defensive.... please see the last lines.

    i have been in the education field for a long time and have never heard the complaints said poster expressed. as i said, i am not saying she's wrong... i don't know.... i was curious to know more... hence the questions. i have parents ask me about schools all the time, so i would like more information.

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    My friend:s child is attending FIS. She was transferred from a local school. We have noticed that the child has become more "sociable" and talkative, all in a good way. They dont have too much homework, and the teachers are good. However, the mom tells me that the upper graders, especially children in the french stream are more " undisciplined" and sometimes "vulgar". Since the englsih stream and french stream students are sharing the classrooms and I think they have gym class together, ann also lunch, children might be influenced in the long term. But in general, schools like this are very hard to get into, so if you dont have any other choices, I would say you take up the offer! good luck.

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    There are quite a few French Canadians in my workplace with kids in FIS and I've heard from some of them that the upper grades have rather serious issues with drugs and alcohol. Not sure if that's the case across all international schools or not, and/or if it's particularly bad at FIS. However I do know of one work colleague who pulled his teenage daughter out of FIS and moved her to CDNIS because of this, and he seems happier with her there.

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    Quite a few International secondary schools had drug issues this year, and kids were expelled.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    I have always heard very good feedback about the international stream of the Primary School. We have friends who have kids there and are delighted with it. In contrast to some of the other posters comments I think it has a reputation for being strong on academics. It is one of our two top choices for our kids, but that is also to do with the fact that it teaches the UK national curriculum not IB and so is suitable for our return to the UK. I agree with one of the other posters about Mandarin and if that is a key priority it's probably not the right place. I have been on two school tours there and met the headmaster on both occasions. I thought he was an impressive character. In terms of secondary, that could be an issue if you want a through train school but the primary and secondary campuses are totally separate. I also like the fact that the kids come from many, many different countries so it has a really international feel to it. It is hard to get into - they only have two classes of 25 kids at reception level so well done to your kid for getting in!

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    I do not know anything about the primary.

    However, I agree with other posters that the academic standards in the high school are low. Not just lower than other international schools, but, in my opinion, low for a mid-rate government school with a liberal curriculum. I speak fro experience of teaching students who were or had been students at FIS. It seems to me that their teaching approach is weak: fundamental building blocks of core subjects skated over; a very laisez-faire approach to assessment and grading, and an arrogance in a lack of desire to improve.

    As to the drug thing - it goes in cycles. Every International school has a drug scandal at some point. And it's as much about student personality, friendship group, parental/family issues as it is the school.

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    FIS is considered in the top tier of HK international schools, along with GSIS, HKIS, CIS etc etc. I think an offer from any of these schools is gold.

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