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Canossa v queen mary

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    Canossa v queen mary

    Any thoughts? I have had my first appt at tsan yuk but as all the announcements were made in Cantonese and nurses asked mons to be to follow them for weighing etc in Cantonese I found the whole experience very overwhelming. Wondering if it's too late to change hospital. Wasn't nervous at all beforehand but now am
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    hi there... just replied to your other post re Doc Appt @ TY... so the overwhelming experience is more due to language barrier? sorry to ask but are you of Chinese ethnicity? just asking coz I am, and I know they will do everything in Chinese if you are Chinese, but I've seen nurses and staff communicate in English to non-Chinese moms to be, there may be some struggle at the registration area (which I ended up helping to translate for another mom) but all doctors speak English since that's the language which they were trained.

    during my subsequent appointments at the Sai Ying Pun MCHC next door, all annoucement or video shown in the waiting room are bilingual. actually i prefer going to the MCHC as things are also more efficient and less waiting time...

    FYI you can request English to be used in communication if obviously that is the language you preferred. we delivered our first in QMH and though both my husband & I are of Chinese ethnicity, he doesn't speak or understand Chinese while I'm ok to communicate verbally. we have requested all communciations to be done in English and they did so, also following our birth plan which was in English to a tee...

    sorry can't comment re Canossa as no first hands experience, though my friends who had their babies there were very happy...

    all the best with your decision!

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    It's too very different systems...public vs private basically...lots of threads here that discuss the pros and cons of each. Are you seeing a private OBGYN on the side, if so you can see what the chanes of getting a bed in canossa are and then decide when you have the two options available to you. Just don't give up on tsan yuk before confirming a OT at a private hospital. Good luck!

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    Hi, I paid my deposit for Canossa a couple of weeks ago. The staff were very friendly and helpful. They showed me around and English is very good.
    Very happy with the look and feel of the place.
    Good luck.

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    Well, for private hospital, you will have to bear the cost of it and the extra fees that come with it. But another thing is that you can opt for the OG doctor you want. For me, if i want to other check ups and extra service like storing umbilical cord blood, then choosing private hospital is better

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